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August 22, 2007

Back to the roots- back to school!

Well...quite an ironic headline, huh? Hum..today's the last day of the big summer holidays and school's back in my life. I guess it's gonna be a nice year though. I'm in grade 11 now which seems to be cool actually, because...well...I have a few new (cool) subjects, I got rid of some old (bad) subjects and there are no important exams this year. Oh, and I have a new class so..."new" people and so. Yep. I'm well prepared for tomorrow! Haha. I mean, I bought some new school stuff, even got a new school bag <3, aaaand...yes I died my hair once again. LoL but it was not because of school; the red faded to the old dirty blonde (my original hair colour...) and so I wanted to have red hair again, thought this shall better be done before school starts. So this night I'll suffer from lack of sleep, I know, because now that I had holidays I'm used to staying up long at night and tomorrow morning I have to get up at 6.30 o.O And I'm reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which keeps me reading for hours and hours. Hmm but I don't really mind, I mean, I'm not someone who can be tired a whole day long. And I think I'll have some fun in school. You know...meeting people again, getting to know some news and this daily school blah blah which I've been out of now for a month and a half (I think this sentence is gramatically wrong.....err...hehe?!). So well it's alright now..I feel I told you enough about my glorious life for today (ha..ha..ha...!!).
Good Night (it's night over here- just in case...)

August 13, 2007

This is new & not so fresh...!

Soo...welcome to my brand new blog. Well, I hope anyone is ever reading this and...you know, posting comments and so... yup, that would be nice. But, ok, I'll stop dreaming now^^ Well...the reason why I started this blog is I wanted to have an English blog. Because in English I can just be...more honest and tell the things stripped to the core *lol* Umm..yeah and I'd also like to post some poetry and stuff like that. I'll see what the future brings. =D So I guess this is already the end of my first post now... Oh, and, all the icons are made by me. So don't 'take them without permission' (the same old copyright story). Soo..yup..that's it- BUH BYE!