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November 21, 2007

Ok now, this is enough.

The pregnant Christina Aguilera, actually one of my favourite singers, recently appeared wearing NOTHING under her dress. Ok, Christina. But why did you have to show the whole world?

Why the hell does Christina have to go along with the other girls and get out of a car showing her..well..pussy? I mean..C'mon this is childish. If they jump out of the window, you'll do that do, won't cha? And anywayz..she's pregnant. Imagine what she'll tell her child later. "Look! This was mummy when she was pregnant..and this was her pussy back then" ??? Argh. Didn't think Christina would ever go that far. Still love her music and voice though. You know, in "Dirrty" times she showed us her sexy side and still stayed, well, dressed! Back then she was self-conscious, now she's unconscious. The hormones of a pregnant woman?

November 14, 2007

I was always there it's just I never told ya...

Hey, guys! Well..what I have to tell ya...thumbs up for my love life! The break we took officially ended after a few days only. Even though it was very little time I must say it was quite hard. But I lived. lol. Ok, now, listen ^_^ If your man's an asshole he must go. But if he's only a little asshole and knows it..plus you love him..then go on with him^^ Wise, huh?! >.< Haha. People, I'm in love! <3 And well...today he said to me the most beautiful words anyone has ever said to me...hehe. Ok, so..the break's over, the ache's over ;) And now..DANCE,DANCE! haha i'm being stupid (so i don't deserve a capitol >>i<<)
Somethin else now...it's an examn in politics tomorrow and I do need shoes. I feel quite comfortable in my skin. My fingers drive me crazy. Got P.E. lessons tomorrow- which I hate...humm.....I want you right here by my side..where you can stay forever! hehe. Yes, visitors, you can stay forever and read me. READ ME, I'M HOT >_>
I just watched Desperate Housewives and you know what? I could actually identify myself with Susan. Because in this episode she was criticised (oh gosh that's the wrong spelling, isn't it?) by another woman saying Susan's drama-addicted. Like, when there's no drama in her life, she creates some herself. Haha. This is actually SO like me. Really, sometimes I feel, if I got no problems, I create some. Maybe just because my soul's scared of boredom =P hmmm...and the woman also told Susan she didn't know about luck...well..am I like this? I dunno. But, hey, Susan's quite a bit older than me^^ Haha, I'll have the time to figure out...
Bye with luv +_+