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November 12, 2008

Shameless stuff... =D

Yay, I'm doing da promotion tooodaaay!
Umm...yup I just opened a fansite bout my favourite songstress Maria Mena...
Aww, I'm going to her concert in March =D =D =D


October 22, 2008

Open for criticism?

I'm not trying to diss anyone here, but this has to get out of me now!
[BTW I've spent the whole day at home. Got very bored, you know.]

So this is Mrs. Christina Aguilera, who, in nice words, needs a new stylist:

In my opinion, she looks very very similar to a russian prostitute. Sorry to say, but what are these pants?? What's this "oooh leo-look gotta have em"-thing? Good lord..I really really like Christinas singing but her new song..hmm I don't like it. And. her. damn. look. What the #@**? She was never the best dressed girl in hollywood, but this is..enough.
Have fun.

October 5, 2008

Costumized Chucks, KiBa Alcolisé!

My best friend turned 18 last week and we had her a pair of chucks. Well, costumized chucks- everybody drew something on it. I would love myself to get a present like that. At least, it was my idea! *proud* Here's some pics:

And then we cooked Lasagne...hmmmmmm.. =)

..and then we had some cocktails, of course. I invented one..it's KiBa (cherry & banana juice) with Berentzen cherry..it's so sweet, doesn't taste a bit like alcohol. Yay!

September 20, 2008

All night long

I'm staying up all night tonight. Again. Secretely waiting.
I'm a good girl. I've cleaned half the place, left food for you on the table. I worked those lines into my brain so I won't be bad at school. I've been a good girl. I rejected the thought of listening to music too loud. Because then, I might not hear you. When you come. When do you come?

Sometimes I think I'm too good. Better than you. Sometimes I think I'm too bad. Worse than you.

September 4, 2008

Paris Pictures

Fiiiinaaallyy....here are the paris pictures I promised to show you long time ago:

(i resized them for you cuz big pics would look annoying here)

Have a nice one!

August 9, 2008

From Wednesday, Jul. 15 (i know it comes late)

There's only a few hours left. It doesn't feel like summer. I'm going to Paris next week and materialism rules.
Why do we dream? I mean, at night. To deal with things in our life, they say. But what if my dreams were science fiction? They're strange. So strange I'd better not reveal them. Maybe my head takes a space shuttle while I sleep. So it's up in space while I lie there comfortably. It doesn't matter at all. The moon is not the ground I'm walking on. I'm not at home in space.
"Hello disaster!", I used to say. Hello disaster... It's all in the past. There's a lot of things in this world that lose their appeal in time. A lovely fact, don't you think? Think about it.

Yup. I'm back from France- since a week already, in fact. Well, I hope I'll get my hands on the pics we took so I can show them here. Ummm..
Note to myself:
Watch these films
P.S. I love You
My Blueberry Nights
The Other Boleyn Girl

July 19, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be off to summer holidays- 15 days from tomorrow. Visitin' relatives firstly, then staying in Paris for 3 days and then we're (me and my family) off to the french atlantic coast. I bet it's gonna be cold and boring over there. Whoohoo, beach holiday! -.-
I'm gonna miss some people :/
But, hey, after those 15 days a girlfriend from France will come see me and stay at my house for like..7 days..that's gonna be fun.
So, that's it!
Bye... =)
(wish me sun & fun)

July 12, 2008

A quick hello

Hey guys!
I'm having a milk & honey face mask =)
Go for softer skin!

July 8, 2008

Embarrassing moments...

I just want to let you know that I got embarrassed a few moments ago. I just need to write this down to get loose from all this embarrassement =P
Weeell..I went shopping with my dad and when we arrived back home my mobile phone rang. I accidently declined. I took a look at the display and saw what I think is my boyfriend's mum's number. 'Ooops,' I thougt. I of course didn't want her to think..you know..bad things. So I gave her a call. Somebody picked up the phone saying ' 'lo?!'. And I was like "Yeaaah..it's Cinja..". The person, whom I could now identify as a man, said 'whoo?'. I was pretty confused. So I had to think twice before I could answer. There was a voice in my head monotonely saying 'who is that? who is that? who is that?'. So I finally answered. 'Well..who is there?'. The man was actually kinda mumbling. So I'm not sure 'bout what he said, he might as well just have said his name, but what I heard in that particular moment was 'you are disturbing me'. He sounded like..well, like a 16-year-old-"I'm so gangsta"-boy so I got annoyed, said 'O...K..!' and hung up on him. Afterwards I felt awkward. Firstly because I had bravely (yes, for me, that was something brave) dialed my bf's mom's number and then it ended up in a mess. And secondly because I might have completely misunderstood the gentleman. I've got three hopes:
1. I hope my phone blocked its own number automatically like it often does so it's invisible on whomever's cellphone.
2. I hope the man thought I was a little dork and didn't feel the need to talk about the issue.
3. I hope I was mumbling, too, when I said my name so nobody heard it.

I am a dork, I know I am- because I write this down.

June 27, 2008

From Thursday, Jun. 26

Thursday. A day that I officially dislike. Science. Bah. EDV-Lessons. Bah. PE-Lessons. Double-Bah! Thursday is NOT an enjoyable schoolday for me. PE is still least enjoyable. And will always be. But, apparently, I shouldn't bitch. One day, we'll all be dead. I just wanted to have said this. I'm a troublemaker. Or, better to say, a troublecatcher. "I got trouble, trouble, trouble... always knocking at my door" Why is it me to always cause problems? Sometimes I think something inside of me WANTS to geht upset. What am I uncomfortable with? Or am I just bad at suppressing bad habits? The world won't bother much. Isn't it so strange that I don't know how it feels to be somebody else? I mean, WE don't know what it's like. Everybody knows what it's like to be themself. But we'll never really feel what any other individual feels. Because we're unique. Because we're different. Isn't that the "excitement" of relationships? Trying to get to know how it feels... "How does it feel? How does it feel? You're different from me. Different."
I know I tend to think too much. Is that good or bad? I wonder... The world won't bother much. Again. Hey, when did the world ever bother?
I could be philosophic in a romantic way here. But I'd consider that cheap. Like "we don't know how others feels and they can't feel what we feel. So we let certain people in..." blah blah. I think that's things people should know on their own. I don't have to write it down. I got it in my head and that's pretty much it. Those pseudo-romantic-internet-poetry is for little dreamy girls. It's sad if you stick to it after your fourteenth birthday. Because your life can write the lines so much better.
I'm a mess. But I live beneath the sun. Means I'm worth a try ;)


June 26, 2008


Remember it had been my birthday? Well, my friends had this surprise party for me... (I'm the one with the tiara^^...nevermind me- I wasn't drunk I just look bad on photos)

June 11, 2008

Cinja's little TV guide

Ladies and Gentlemen!
I present you something worth watching.
First: Asian Dramas
Then: The Ashlee Simpson Show

So..Asian Dramas are tiny little series of like 20 episodes. I've watched a couple of 'em and I L O V E them. They're mainly inspired by mangas but don't get confused by that. I mean, I don't like mangas that much and I still love the series though. To get into the whole thing you should firtly try this Asian Drama Wiki (thanks to d-addict for that one..love it!) I absolutely recommend starting to watch asian dramas with this series: Devil Beside You. Starring the actor with the most amazing devilish smile and the cutest actress. Taiwanese. English Subtitles. Start HERE. And if you don't like it in the beginning, please continue watching. I'm sure you'll like it after a while. Well, that was the way I got into it.

So..² The Ashlee Simpson Show- the name says all. I'm just watching it again. It's quite old, I know, but I love it. She appears sooo cool in it. lol. No, I mean it. It seems so real and I really love love love to watch artists behind the curtain. Like..watch them recording songs..writing..whatever^^ I love mtv diaries, too, btw. I have to do some ads here..sorry you guys..but you can do this illegal little thang right there.

Now have fun watching. And there's something referring to my last post now.. Christina in a "Vote or die" campaign. No words.

June 4, 2008

Champaign, anyone?

Hey hellooow!
It's been long again and now I'm finally bored enough to blog. haha. Nevermind me, i like blogging- it's just that there's more senseful things to do. Wait. It's frickin hot, I gotta get this fat hoodie off. Yaya callin out to all my famous biotch-assed stripper friends. Watch out! 'Cuz if you hurt me, Imma kill you...*i love you, i love you* Eh-hum.
So far, so beauty.
Well well. It's been my B I R T H D A Y just yesterday. Yay yay, I dare say. 17 now. I'm listening to Britney while writing this. It's Britney Spears' 3rd studio album- got it back then when I was this huuuuge fan. And, if you listen closely, I believe, this is the most personal and cutest album she ever recorded till now. It expresses her love to formal boyfriend Justin Timberlake. She must have been full of butterflies! Really. The songs sound so cute I fall in love myself when I listen to them. Anyways, I tell you why people like Britney. Yes, the word was LIKE. Because she's REAL. "No make-up, no cover-up's, no push-up's, [with him] I don't have to put on a show...". Ya know? That's true live. Sorta. It was Christina Aguilera who sang that line, by the way. Compare those two ladies:

We could argue now about who's doing their JOB (and I suppose it's a celebrities job to sell their product- themselve) which obliges a good look and who's showing us the real thing. But those women have babies. Christina's son was born in January while Britney's sons are...a few years old already.
And here they are doing their "mother job":

Christina all made up while carrying her baby-boy, Britney looking, honestly, pretty normal, like people in the street, going to see her boys. In my opinion motherhood is where the money affairs shall stop. But they don't. Marriage and having babies is so hot in hollywood now. Even Paris wants it.


March 20, 2008

Nobody Likes You, Everyone Left You...

...they'realloutwithoutyou,havingfun. Yup. I'm SO emo. There's people who dislike me. [...] Ok, SO WHAT?! -huh? True, no matter whom it is, you shouldn't care too much if they don't like you. It's really just people. I never try to please anyone. Never. Anyone. I think it was last year that I've worked on my self-esteem. It was necessary. Look, I'm arrogant and definetely not in hate with myself- never been. But I felt as if I needed a little more self-esteem so I worked on it and it worked OUT. I felt really self-confident. At first, I really didn't care about those certain people. Then I started realizing they don't like me quite much. But I didn't care. I was like "Ok..noone actually HAS TO like me. I'm not in love with them either. I got nothing to prove them. It's alright. I'll just be me." And, really, this is just so right. It doesn't mean that I would never let any critics come close to me but I was able to sort nonsense from importance. But then I felt worse and worse. It's not that they bully me but they don't really hide they dislike me. It's alright. I'm like that, too. I mean, I don't pretend. Why should I act like I like the people whom I actually don't care about? I've never been down with that "Uh, sweety, gimme a hug" & then walk away mumbling "stupid bitch". That's pretty much..not me. Well, but that's not really the point. I feel so uncomfortable. Because they don't like me. I don't want to make them like me. I don't want them to tell me how great I am, they needn't be my friends. But I feel disliked. And it doesn't feel good. I don't know why I care. It feels weak and I hate that. I just need to write that down here. Besides, none of them will get to read this which makes me feel free while writing..sort of.. Hmm..I don't know what to do. Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't show up to the places they're at anymore. Why spend my time with someone who obviously dislikes me? I mean I could prevent here from feeling bad. But then again there's this theory that this might pull my arrogance down a bit. Like "oh look you're not as great as you assume- now deal with it". But it makes me feel quite insecure. Objectively judging myself, I say it's good I still don't pretend and put on a mask just to be liked. I can even accept they don't like me. But I can never accept the way I feel about it. I'm actually in hate with it. Yup.
Another thought crossing my mind: why am I that strange? I mean I'm so not-figured-out and planless. Is that bad or can we say I am still young & I'll have the time to become whatever I will be? I can't threaten myself to improve or to develop...CAN I? Is that possible or not so much? I DON'T KNOW. And it kills me that I don't just go and try. Instead I'm sittin here bitching. Uh yeah, that will change the world.
See? -I suck!

March 16, 2008

New layout

Isn't it obvious? I finally got a new layout. I like it so far. Making the header, I've been inspired by "Mr Brightside" by The Killers. An amazing song! Check out the cool video here and the remix. I'm in love with both... *dreamy*

March 13, 2008


I went to the cinema on tuesday. The film was amazing =) It was a german production called "Keinohrhasen". The soundtrack features Timbaland & One Republic's "Apologize" so there's a special music video to it:

March 9, 2008

Pills Pills Pills..!

Guess who...hmm it's been long and since then i didn't take a shower... >_> what*the*ever. Had Panic! @ that Disco in town last week...seeee or dyyy

January 2, 2008

What if I say you're not just another...

Merry Xmas. Happy new year. Broke up with one. Because of another. Feels good..finally. I'm happy. I'm really a lucky girl...currently ;)
Yes...so 2007's over. oO already... >.< Lately..thinking about it..this year a couple of things happened and I think I learned a lot of lessons-more or less. The beginning hasn't been so nice..emotionally a bit hard. Well then, the boys... -.- Things in school changed. I changed somehow. A bit. My life did, too. I just noticed that, some time before, I felt like I am living and living but nothing ever really happens. And now I feel the things happening. Really. I think it's because I got to know new people and started going out at night. Not that this is something sensational but it's something fresh and does me the favour of variation. I mean..it's like getting a new hobby. You get to do something new and that's fresh for you. Well, maybe I should get a new hobby in 2008. We'll see. That's all for today!