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January 2, 2008

What if I say you're not just another...

Merry Xmas. Happy new year. Broke up with one. Because of another. Feels good..finally. I'm happy. I'm really a lucky girl...currently ;)
Yes...so 2007's over. oO already... >.< Lately..thinking about it..this year a couple of things happened and I think I learned a lot of lessons-more or less. The beginning hasn't been so nice..emotionally a bit hard. Well then, the boys... -.- Things in school changed. I changed somehow. A bit. My life did, too. I just noticed that, some time before, I felt like I am living and living but nothing ever really happens. And now I feel the things happening. Really. I think it's because I got to know new people and started going out at night. Not that this is something sensational but it's something fresh and does me the favour of variation. I mean..it's like getting a new hobby. You get to do something new and that's fresh for you. Well, maybe I should get a new hobby in 2008. We'll see. That's all for today!