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July 19, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be off to summer holidays- 15 days from tomorrow. Visitin' relatives firstly, then staying in Paris for 3 days and then we're (me and my family) off to the french atlantic coast. I bet it's gonna be cold and boring over there. Whoohoo, beach holiday! -.-
I'm gonna miss some people :/
But, hey, after those 15 days a girlfriend from France will come see me and stay at my house for like..7 days..that's gonna be fun.
So, that's it!
Bye... =)
(wish me sun & fun)

July 12, 2008

A quick hello

Hey guys!
I'm having a milk & honey face mask =)
Go for softer skin!

July 8, 2008

Embarrassing moments...

I just want to let you know that I got embarrassed a few moments ago. I just need to write this down to get loose from all this embarrassement =P
Weeell..I went shopping with my dad and when we arrived back home my mobile phone rang. I accidently declined. I took a look at the display and saw what I think is my boyfriend's mum's number. 'Ooops,' I thougt. I of course didn't want her to think..you know..bad things. So I gave her a call. Somebody picked up the phone saying ' 'lo?!'. And I was like "Yeaaah..it's Cinja..". The person, whom I could now identify as a man, said 'whoo?'. I was pretty confused. So I had to think twice before I could answer. There was a voice in my head monotonely saying 'who is that? who is that? who is that?'. So I finally answered. 'Well..who is there?'. The man was actually kinda mumbling. So I'm not sure 'bout what he said, he might as well just have said his name, but what I heard in that particular moment was 'you are disturbing me'. He sounded like..well, like a 16-year-old-"I'm so gangsta"-boy so I got annoyed, said 'O...K..!' and hung up on him. Afterwards I felt awkward. Firstly because I had bravely (yes, for me, that was something brave) dialed my bf's mom's number and then it ended up in a mess. And secondly because I might have completely misunderstood the gentleman. I've got three hopes:
1. I hope my phone blocked its own number automatically like it often does so it's invisible on whomever's cellphone.
2. I hope the man thought I was a little dork and didn't feel the need to talk about the issue.
3. I hope I was mumbling, too, when I said my name so nobody heard it.

I am a dork, I know I am- because I write this down.