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October 22, 2008

Open for criticism?

I'm not trying to diss anyone here, but this has to get out of me now!
[BTW I've spent the whole day at home. Got very bored, you know.]

So this is Mrs. Christina Aguilera, who, in nice words, needs a new stylist:

In my opinion, she looks very very similar to a russian prostitute. Sorry to say, but what are these pants?? What's this "oooh leo-look gotta have em"-thing? Good lord..I really really like Christinas singing but her new song..hmm I don't like it. And. her. damn. look. What the #@**? She was never the best dressed girl in hollywood, but this is..enough.
Have fun.

October 5, 2008

Costumized Chucks, KiBa Alcolisé!

My best friend turned 18 last week and we had her a pair of chucks. Well, costumized chucks- everybody drew something on it. I would love myself to get a present like that. At least, it was my idea! *proud* Here's some pics:

And then we cooked Lasagne...hmmmmmm.. =)

..and then we had some cocktails, of course. I invented one..it's KiBa (cherry & banana juice) with Berentzen cherry..it's so sweet, doesn't taste a bit like alcohol. Yay!