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May 31, 2009

Sunday morning..err..night

Hey guys. Blogging again. I'm in the mood for a Vlog (Video-Blogging) now but I don't wear make-up and my face is a mess. Whatever. I've been busy getting things set up for my party next weekend. I'm turning 18 on wednesday and as 18 is a pretty big thing over here I'm going to have a party =) I invited like 40 people or so (which is much for ME!). At least 30 will be coming. But still, I'm kinda scared it won't work outo the way I want it, too. I mean I just got the news that my party day is also gonna be my school's 2nd "pre-graduation-party" PLUS two of my best friends will not be able to attend the party. I'm pissed off but at the same time excited which feels strange. Or maybe it's just late^^ I almost got EVERYTHING done for the party- I got my wonderful, gorgeous, sexy dress! And some amazing amazing shoes..really, I love my outfit. I even dyed my hair today. Over is the era of the red-blonde-unwashed-dog me. My hair is brown now. Well, dark brown. I didn't want it to be soo dark, but it still looks nice I think. I'm gonna do some highlights tomorrow, then it's perfect..hopefully =) I wanna post photos but my camera has run out of battery and I'm too lazy to get to the store n get new ones. But my sister, who has a great camera and is WAY better at taking photos than I am, will be photographing at my party so I'll post pics here- promise! OMG I'm gonna be 18!
Let me show you my invitation..

Made it myself and it was easy so I guess it doesn't look so cool xD
But it serves my secret "pink/white" motto. Nah, I'm not gonna wear these colours but I'll have candles and balloons and whatsoever in these colours. Oh my..guys that reminds me of the cake we ordered yesterday! (I feel like a party planner...) It's HUGE! It's 4 kg, pink, and with my name on it in white icing. If noone is gonna show up to the party me and my friends will eat it all and have all the drinks to ourselves... ;) (I kinda tell that to myself as a mantra when I get scared that the party is gonna be a big loser-night). Looking down upon my to-do list...
>>STUDY MATHS (it's necessary!)

gooosh.. I neglected that FOR GOOD! I need to threaten my oh-so-good-at-maths-friend to teach me. I know it would be a bad bday gift but then maybe she'll do it ;) She has to, else I'm bummed.
Kay, I'm kinda getting way too deep into this. Long post. I wish you all a good night. Tomorrow=no school! Tuesday=school... Wednesday=HAPPY BDAY TOOO MEEEE!!

Leave a comment if you want my adress to send me gifts...

haha. kidding.

But really...

May 26, 2009


You are a wonderful man
with a beautiful smile.
Don't let anyone take that away from you-
not even me.

May 25, 2009

May 21, 2009

New header

Cherry tree blossoms... <3

The German me pulls through

Oh mann, das MUSS ich einfach auf Deutsch posten! Grad eben war ich am Hauptbahnhof, zurückgekehrt von einem Ausflug zur Nii, da spricht mich so ein weibliches Wesen an. Ich weiß noch, dass sie pinke Lippen hatte und eine Dose Red Bull in der Hand. Sie sagt: "Entschuldigung." Ich als braver, anständiger Bürger denke, da will mich jemand nach dem Weg fragen, und antworte: "ja?".
Der Geruch von Red Bull steigt mir in die Nase als sie drauf los redet "Für dich hab ich heute leider kein Foto...". Ich dachte nur: "HÄ?". Dann dachte ich: "aha. irgendne komische Umfrage. Red Bull Werbung?". Dann habe ich mich nach einer versteckten Kamera umgeguckt. Aber da war nix zum Verstecken. Ihre im Hintergrund stehende Freundin jedefalls sah nicht aus wie jemand der gerade versteckt etwas filmt. Naja. Während ich so überlege plappert sie Red-Bull-Dame munter weiter: "Was machst du jetzt? Ist dein Leben jetzt zu Ende?". Ich kam mir langsam etwas vera... vor. Also fragte ich, was das bitte werden sollte. Sie lachte nur und sagte: "Ich verarsch dich nur." (Mit so einer "ich bin so cool und mach dich fertig"-Stimme)

öööh..hallo? Ich sah total nich danach aus, als wär mein Leben für mich ohne Heidi Klum sinnlos. Also ich mein.. Ich hatte FLACHE Schuhe an, meine Haare waren zerzaust, ich war ungeschminkt... Kurzum: Ich war so gar nicht (auf-)gestylt. Gar nicht. Ich mein, was gäbe es sonst für nen Grund mich verarschen zu wollen? Die schien so als hätte die richtig Bock drauf. Und besoffen war die auch nicht. Vielleicht war es wegen meines arroganten Blickes, den ich meistens (völlig unabsichtlich und nichtsahnend!!) aufsetze. Da haben die Leute schon auf die komischsten Weisen drauf reagiert...

May 17, 2009

Sorta pissed. In a way. Nevermind.

I don't like you anymore
You've fallen for the faux again
Enticed me for a second time today
Only for me to realise the same

I don't like you anymore
You're cracked and your face changing
You're going down the old route
But I can't let you repeat repeat it again
The sound of your voice
Is piercing my patience
As it seeps on through the midnight corridors

Kindly keeping in your resent
Retire to the setting hate
Drying in all familiar cast
Twitching as I fear it's far too late

'Cause I don't like you anymore

I don't like you anymore
You're cracked and your face changing
You're going down the old route
But I can't let you repeat repeat it again
The sound of your voice
Is piercing my patience
As it seeps on through the midnight corridors

And there's nothing but corners
There is no escape from these
Walked into your trap
And breathed your disease
We're nauseous as if in the seas
And you smirk as you think that you tease
But your pout puts us about
And your final line can't be described as fine
Will never be described as fine

May 15, 2009


Read this
Look @ this

WHAT in the world?? THIRTEEN? 13?


When I have kids, I'll dress them up in couture and make them pose, that's for sure!
When I'm fat and old they'll be my little puppets- I'll do their make-up and their hair..and I'll dress them. They'll love their mummy!

Actually..global warming is not the only scary thing that is happening in our world.

May 9, 2009

That was when I ruled the world...

Sorry, been busy. Here's two outfits I wore last weekend:

Cardigan: Mango
T-Shirt: Zara men (my brother didn't want it anymore^^)
Top: H&M
Treggings: H&M

Jeans: Criminal
Shoes: H&M
Blazer: Freesoul
Tops: H&M

Uhh..this one really needs a new header. Anyways. I'll have a stressful weekend- uh-huh! Tonight one of my best friends is having a paaarty (so I'm not eating anything the whole day..I'll be sooo full tonight..with food). AND tomorrow I have to get up frickin early coz it's my siblings' confirmation (church starts at 10). And I'll help my sister a little bit with her hair & make-up. And then after church, we'll...EAT!! Again. Haha.
Oops- I'd rather start studying for my science test. Lol to Beverly Hills 90210 Ep. 2! A big lol! ("my dad's a porn producer"). Whatever. Have fun...and TELL ME WHAT TO WEAR TOMOZ!