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September 30, 2009

True love can't wait...!

Remember my post about these cute shoes? I actually bought them one day after I posted that! =D Now I'm waiting for the right weather to wear them. The best of the cold times are really the nice clothes you get to wear ;)

September 29, 2009

Don't cheat on me.

I hate when I see people cheating. And I mostly see this on TV. I'm just watching Melrose Place and that girl cheats on her cute perfect-relationship-guy and she can never take it back and..aaah. I just get a little depressed and sad whenever I see such scenes. Even if it's the WORST TV show ever ( I don't mean Melrose here).
So, those were just a few words for tuesday.
BTW I changed the layout a bit. Anyone noticed?

September 27, 2009

Ha Ha Ha.

The photos from the Filippa K fashion event something are finally here and, umm.. I'm not saying I've got a body like a model- I'm so far from that- but come on...the photographer really doesn't run his business best.
And what I particularly didn't like: They put dark violet lipstick on me. EWWW!! I looked soo not-nice and arrogant. I mean, it sure looks good on Rihanna but how much do Rihanna and I look alike? I'm sure you get my point.
Why the hell does my hair look so blonde?? It's really NOT!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My friend V won. Bitch!

Off to voting. Germany's voting today! Hey, my German readers- you're voting, too? I think everyone should go ;)

September 20, 2009

I just think that we might get on...

Hey, everyone!
I wanted to write, like, a deep post, like, kinda interesting for people..you know, like, actually honest and great? Ugh.
BTW: Look at that pic on the right! Haha. Looks kinda bitchy + nasty. I'm not one of those girls, just tried to look funny >_<
Feels like everything's in the right place. I postponed my homework to tomorrow morning and I tidied up my room today. I start to feel so uncomfortable in it. I want to move out. No, I don't. Ah I don't know. I mean, it's too early to take that step anyways, but I feel like I need way more space to fit all my ideas and ALL MY STUFF! Crap! I threw away so incredibly many things during the last weeks and my room is still packed like I don't know what! I also thought of painting my walls pink. Not an aggressive pink, though, a soft tone.
It would spoil me so I could forget about how ugly my room appears to be sometimes. I hope.
ANYWAYS!! (aah, I keep sneezing all the time) Here's my outfit from Saturday night (cocktails with friends <3):

Shirt (originally a dress): Phobia + Treggings: H&M

So, I'm off to watching Melrose Place.

September 16, 2009

Finally again...WIWT

T-Shirt: H&M + Shirt: Urban Outfitters + Treggings: Mango + Scarf: H&M + Shoes: Converse + Bag: H&M + Earrings: H&M + Rings: H&M and Bijou Brigitte

I love you, CWTV!!

Gossip Girl and 90210 are back on the screen! Missed you, my little amusements ;)
PLUS, there's Melrose Place! AAAAND: The Hills + The City are both coming back at the end of the month.
I'm a junkie but I'm happy.

September 14, 2009

You know I want cha...

I know I'm saving money for Paris/Istanbul, but I won't be spending €300 anyways...

Deichmann, 24.90

They look so good!

September 11, 2009

Was wurde eigentlich aus...

Fiona Erdmann von Germany's Next Topmodel?


[Heidi-Heliumstimme]Super Job![/Heidi-Heliumstimme]

German Friday: Episode XXY

Ich bin müde. Und ich hab Bauch (also nicht Rücken, sondern Bauch...ööh..).
Habe heute gearbeitet. Also, ich muss es dann wohl noch mal gaaanz öffentlich verkünden: Ich habe einen Job! Beim Bäcker ;) Es macht Spaß + was soll ich sagen..Geld ist immer gut, nicht? Ich brauch echt Geld^^ Ok, ich brauche immer Geld, aber naja...in 3 Wochen geht es nach Paris und da wär ein bisschen Taschengeld ja wohl ganz angebracht, nech? ;) Anschließend geht's nach Istanbul, und ja, ich denke, ich will Plagiate einkaufen. Naja, vielleicht eins. UND dann hat auch noch mein Freund Geburtstag (wollte eigentlich mein Schatz schreiben, aber das steht mir nicht so).
Und vergessen wir nicht die Fahrschule! Wie mein Ersatz-Fahrlehrer doch gestern so freundlich sagte: "Achja, du bist mit 180 in den Miesen." Danke. Macht aber nix, hab noch 1000 zu Hause, weißt du. Aber er ist ja nur der Ersatz-Fahrlehrer- der andere ist im Urlaub. Und er ist viel netter..buhu..Aber ich glaube das ist seine Taktik, mich vom Fahren abzulenken.
Egol. Wer Tips zum Fahren will, schreibt nen Kommentar ;) Also was ich damit sagen will: Genug des Fahrschulen-Gelabers.
Morgen geht's mit Mara, Nii + Vanessa zum "Get Shot by Filippa K and the Style-Bloggers"-Event! Was lese ich da!!
Gesponsort wird die Aktion von Face Stockholm, die für das richtige Styling sorgen.

What the heck? Wird man geschminkt? Wie cool :D ist aber bestimmt sau-voll da -.-
Naja ma schauen. Werd auf jeden Fall davon berichten ;)
Au revoir.

September 10, 2009


OH! Lucky you, Jessica Szohr!

September 9, 2009

I won't stop until that boy is mine...

So, I just had to get that out of my head (I don't think it'll work out, though)- the music I currently like:

So out of listening to male artists! (except duets)

September 8, 2009

hey hey you you...

Aaaaactually...today I saw this little feature on a tv show that featured this blog (methinks it's pretty famous?). I like some of the looks in it, but..umm..I don't know..I kinda pity the photographer/blog runner guy. I mean, sure, he makes some good money with it, it's an Elle UK official kind of thing, but I wouldn't wanna win my bread taking pics of models in the streets just because they're stylish and then upload everything to a blog. Seems so random.

Anyways, here's some clues to what I did in the relatively large amount of time that I spent a little away from the blog (last week..):

September 7, 2009

Isn't she truly beautiful?

Saturday night was my little Natalie Portman Movie Night as Closer and Leon: The Professional were shown on tv. I love Natalie Portman! (ever since Star Wars..did you know I'm secretely Star Wars obsessed?)
So, Ms Portman was recently photographed for Interview Magazine and the pics are just amazing! The article was, by the way, written by no other than Jake Gyllenhaal.

Sources: x17online, dailystab

And if anyone wants to read the interview (which is pretty cool): Interview Mag Online

September 3, 2009

Sign of life

Hullow. Yurp, Oi live. Just me accent changing.

-.- My lame sense of humour. (Stole the "oi" from harry potter XXXY) Just wanted to update quickly, saying: I'M STILL ALIVE

It's just that school's being a bitch =) But I'll update tomorrow I think- weekend on its way! Hey yeah!

And meanwhile, watch this: Click me!