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August 30, 2009

I'll bring you flowers!

Just wanted to quickly show you what my Chéri brought me when I came back from Berlin a couple weeks ago. I still don't know what I did to deserve those beautiful lillies ;) He actually gave them to me saying: "Look, I even picked orchids!" Guess he confused them, because I love both lillies AND orchids. And that's pretty much all the flowers I like.

August 29, 2009

Let the rain fall down...

What a rainy day! Perfect for sitting here + doing some homework plus tidying up and later going to the cinema to watch Coco Chanel.
=( An unhappy smiley to myself for having gained so much weight!

August 26, 2009

WIW...some days ago

Shirt: H&M + Treggings: Pieces by Vero Moda

And then, when it got colder and later:

Top: H&M + Scarf: I am + Treggings: Pieces by Vero Moda

Cinja for Rihannadaily style

Hey guys! Good morning ;)
I'm posting @ RihannaDaily.com/style now =D It's just an amazing big fansite and well..they have a style source, too. Of course, I mean, Rihanna definetely does have style! So now I'm helping them out. It's fun. CLICK THE LINK!

August 25, 2009

Senior year starts in...3..2...1...

I want to blog but I'm tired and sunburnt :(
I think I'll just go to bed now. Took some pics for the blog, though + going to the hairstylist tomorrow *yay*
Tomorrow=last day of holidays :(
...my last summer holiday ever. (If I don't turn out to be the most stupid girl and not pass the finals)
I went to school today to pick up my timetable. Gotta rearrange some things... :/ I also think I'll pick up a (new) job pretty soon. Had two "test-days" last week. One at a bakery and one at a ..sort of a café. The bakery liked me, the café hasn't yet called. Hmmm..have to make a decision. Yup, and then, Cinja will earn some money again^^
Looking forward to fall now! October -> Holladays =) I'll be in Paris and Istanbul. Happy!

XOXO, see you tomorrow

August 19, 2009

U like that, man?

Hmm...I don't think she's hot.

Click for more!

August 17, 2009

I'm in love again again...

I think I'm addicted. Or maybe just bored.

Maaan, I wish I had some money :( But I have an interview tomorrow, so wish me luck, you guys! [I NEED A JOB... :/]

August 16, 2009

WIWT 08/16/09

Because I don't look that nice today ;)

Shirt: H&M + Pants: H&M + Necklace: Urban Outfitters

1,5 weeks to go... :(

And then I'm back in school. Bah! I'm starting to get ready.


August 15, 2009

Self-fulfilling prophecy, you never failed to comfort me

"Dress" thingy: H&M + Shirt: H&M + Necklace: No-Name

My face looks sorta strange, I did the make-up in Photoshop (and it was my first try!). Lmao.

May I introduce you...

to my little new project. I've been thinking about this for long. Now I give it a try. Here's the first two pages from my little online fashion magazine. I'll call it St. Georgina for now =P I'll let you know why...


August 14, 2009

Berlin, berlin...

So, nun bin ich wieder im Lande und beglücke euch zunächst mal mit ein paar Sightseeing fotos:

Berlin war schön, aber zu Hause ist es doch immer noch am besten ;) Mal sehen, was ich jetzt noch so in den Rest-Ferien anfange. Nächste Woche gibt's auf jeden Fall erstmal 2 Bewerbungstermine und heute geht's ein wenig Auto fahren...Führerschein muss ja langsam mal vorangetrieben werden. XOXO

August 10, 2009

off to Berlin

Just wanted to let you know:
I'll be off to Berlin. Leaving tomorrow, coming back on Thursday. A short nice trip =)
So I'll be back with some pic material for sure ;)


August 6, 2009

My dream apartment vol. 2

Here it goes again. I'm suddenly happy and reading lots of blogs bout people that are moving out. So..I'm inspired =)


My kitchen HAS TO BE fresh! Let me show you...

This is how I'd paint the walls- half white, half green.
I'd want such pictures on the walls. I want them to be just on that line where the green stops and the white begins..you know?

Umm..I don't have to tell you bout the basics..right? A fridge (silver or white is fine with me), an oven...

But I LOVE and HAVE TO HAVE those:

(available at Urban Outfitters)

There need to be some fresh plants! ..or else I won't cook.

And, of course:

..you know ;) (@Ikea)

Yah, and now the table..I want some kind of a little bar, this is not exactly what I was looking for, but umm.. I once saw one that was like..coming out of the wall, you know what I mean? It's actually fixed to the wall..

(c) Ikea

Those might match it:

(c) Ikea

Oh, and I want those little ones for spice and all:

(c) Ikea

Something like this is necessary, too:

(c) Ikea

This one's so cool:

(c) Ikea

And, last thing now, this is typical and simple for the window =)

(c) Ikea...OF COURSE, MAN!

You see..if you wanna get rid of me, just drive me over to Ikea, I'll stay in there for hours and hours and hours and...

August 5, 2009


Say it 3 times. Fast.

I particularly like CSI...

well, I don't, but Kate Nash seems to. And I love her and her music =) Love the accent, love the lyrics, love the voice, love the melodies... LOVE! ;) Mariella, Mariella...
Ah..I'm sitting here discovering new blogs trying so hard to get tired. I actually lost my job today >_> Yup, I had a job, it was new and now it's gone already. Pffft. Lame! Whatever, gotta find something new, something more fun maybe? We all need money, right? Especially with the driver's license in the pipeline..and the flight I just booked yesterday (going to Istanbul, Turkey in October =D)

I particularly like that website. It's like Wikipedia, but for feelings and problems. Example: You got in a fight with your mom and don't know what to do. Your friends aren't there, so you have to help yourself somehow. Just choose a category (e.g. "Family Life" or "Relationships"), look for a problem that fits yours and read the article. It calms me down all the time when I'm upset. And it certainly doesn't make up for a friend, but it's a nice little thingy. In the articles, it's actually said that you shouldn't just do what there is written, but also kinda...live your life. Give it a try! I'm serious.

August 1, 2009

You know you love me...

Another day, another drama, another hint of inspiration =)