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January 22, 2011


Some time ago, I played around with an old faux leather bag of mine and added some Alexander Wangish studs to the bottom of it. I use the bag more often now, though I've never been 100% convinced by that recycling thing. If you're over something, you're over it, right? What's the point in trying to save it? Oops, I made it sound like I'm talking about way other things than just fashion (which is not the case).
Anyways. DIYs are nevertheless inspiring, if done well. If anyone has any idea for me, please share it ;)

January 17, 2011

What I wore today: leather shorts

New Yorker faux leather shorts
H&M tee & coat
Primark cardigan
Tamaris boots
I managed to take some quick shots of my outfit in between studying and, well, recovering from it. You might notice a little difference between these photos and the ones in the posts before - I hijacked borrowed my sister's camera, simply because I just can't stand mine anymore.
I was very happy about the weather today since it finally got warmer. I walked around with my coat open all day long :) Is it too early to say spring's on its way? Now, have a good one!

January 14, 2011

Nail fashion sticker - hot or not?

Yesterday I went to do some teeny tiny little beauty shopping at the drugstore. I decided I wanted to try those nail art sticker thingys that have been out for a while. As most of the designs looked more like wallpapers, I decided to go with these leopard-style stickers. It's not that hard to apply them..you just put them onto your fingernails, cut off the extra parts and file the nail in the end.
I thought it looked weird that the base of the sticker was white (who wears white nailpolish anyways?!), so I lightly painted it over in some sort of a nude/sand colour. I was actually quite pleased with the result. I have to say, though, that the patches (or whatever you might call them) don't quite stick at the ends after a little while. After all, they're said to last up to five days. But, whatever, I think it's a cool invention since it's hard to create small patterns with nailpolish - imagine doing that with your left hand!
So...what do you think of them? Hot or not? Thoughts please!

PS: I'm sorry for the more than lousy pictures..somehow, my camera sucks at close-ups...

January 10, 2011

New Year's Day

I might be a little late, but I really wanted to share these photos I took on New Year's Day when I took a walk with my mum. The landscape in the second one is actually not a beach, but ice/snow. I'm glad it got somewhat warmer last week. Maybe I'll soon be able to go out for a run again, since I hate gyms I depend on the weather with that one. But I don't think I'll have much time for workouts since, in four weeks, it's exam time and I've practically only managed studying 5% of all. I hope I don't fail completely...

January 8, 2011

Best of this week

New Look knit
H&M top, skirt & tights
Mango bag
Accessorize necklace

H&M shirt & rings
Zara pants

January 6, 2011


Yesterday, I received a package :) Inside were an eyeshadow palette with 120 (!!) colours and 16 make-up brushes. I'm so happy since make-up is my latest addiction and now I have a full 120 colours to play with. I ordered it on eBay and it really wasn't expensive at all. If I manage to create any great looks with it, I'll make sure to show them here. I haven't tested the colours yet, but I think it's essential to have some sort of a palette in your make-up repertoire (maybe not one with 120 colours, but still...). Plus, I think it's enerving to have many many eyeshadows in your make-up bag individually. I always spend hours and hours searching for a certain colour.

January 4, 2011

Best of 2010

Here's my 2010 in retrospect. I saw this a lot on other blogs lately and I thought it's a nice way to look back at the past year, so...

January: It was ice cold outside, the lake near my place was completely frozen (which it hadn't been in a loooong time) and I went to the Best of Musical Gala
February: I was in the middle of my finals and started studying like crazy (and it was worth it!)
March: I went on a crazy shopping trip to Primark Germany and had some fun out with friends
April: I went to the zoo with my family and well, after my exams, there were some outfit photos again
May: I went to see Lady Gaga in concert and travelled to Stockholm with my two best girls
June: It was finally summer (started wearing maxi dresses...), I graduated from school and we had our prom
July: Felt weird to be out of school forever. I worked a lot during my 'free' months, and also enjoyed the sun :)
August: I was so free I could decide how long I'd stay in bed almost every day, so I went out with my girls a lot. Also spent a calm weekend at the seaside with my family. Oh, and I finally got my driver's license (after three failed attempts...)
September: What was I up to in September, anyway?
October: I went on vacation in the south of Germany, spent some amazing days in the hills with my family and also hopped over to France to do some intense shopping. I also started studying business economics in University
November: I redecorated my room a bit and went to Weimar to visit a friend
December: Went to Uni, celebrated Christmas and had my first holidays from University. Frankly, I didn't miss it while I was off. I guess I got too used to sleeping so much in those months between school and university

So, I hope that my 2011 is going to be at least as nice as my 2010 was, maybe a bit better ;) I'd definitely like to travel some more and survive my first exams in uni... Hope you all had a great 2010, too.

January 2, 2011

My New Year's Eve

Hier einige Impressionen meiner Silvesternacht. Ich habe sie ziemlich ruhig verbracht, zu Hause mit einigen Freunden und der Familie. Wir haben schön Fondue gegessen, zu Mitternacht angestoßen und ein bisschen gefeiert. Letztes Jahr war ich irgendwie nicht so recht in Feierlaune. Hoffentlich hattet ihr alle ein schönes Silvester!
Unten hab ich nochmal aufgezählt, was ich anhatte, falls es jemand wissen will ;)

Those are a few impressions from my NYE. It was pretty calm, with a few friends and family at our place. We had a nice dinner, toasted at midnight and celebrated a bit. Somehow, I was not the partying kind last year. Hope you all had a nice NYE!
PS: As to what I wore...

Monki faux leather skirt
H&M top
Bershka blazer
DIY statement necklace