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April 29, 2011

Kiss me, Kate?


Soooo..who else watched the Wedding today? As 2 billions of people did, I guess there's pretty many of them among you ;) It was so beautiful! Though it could have been a little more emotional, it was still pretty touching. I'm not sure if I mentioned that before, but I've always been a little crazy about all things royal (and british, on that note..I even wore a union jack tee today). So, yeah, today got me excited. I did of course get carried away a bit, thinking how nice it'd be to marry a prince myself... I mean, seriously, any girl that claims she never ever dreamed about getting married to a prince is a liar! Honestly, I could talk about this for hours and hours... I guess it's the teenager in me that makes me get obsessed over things so fast and so much... But I don't wanna bore you ;)

However, do you agree with me on the fact that the kiss was a little short? I mean, you could've missed in the blink of an eye, and, frankly, I did.

Buuuut...ladies, I know you wanna discuss this: How did you like the Alexander McQueen dress? I loved it! It's perfect for her, just stunning! I leave you with that, maybe I'll dream of a certain (imaginary) wedding tonight... ;)

April 28, 2011


Urban Outfitters shirt
DIY shorts
H&M tee, tights
Converse hi chucks

This is what I wore yesterday to Uni. Pretty simple and comfy, adjusted to the temperatures... Photos are a bit shitty since I took them right before rushing out the door in the morning. I know it'd be better to have someone take my pics somewhere outside, but I really don't want to bother anyone with that...
What do you think (about the outfit)?

April 27, 2011

Easter photo diary

My weekend was the most relaxing I've had in a long time. The weather was amazing, I ate so much I probably doubled the size of my stomache and I did absolutely no studying at all.
On Friday, I went out for dinner and drinks with my girls for P.'s birthday (you see my favourite cocktail in the photo: Strawberry Colada).
On Saturday night, me and my friends went to a traditional Easter Fire.
For Sunday morning, I made a huge Easter breakfast for my family. But, my bad, I forgot to photograph it.. Anyways, there's a photo of our Easter Sunday dinner. We had a nice barbecue and can you see all the chocolate we got??
As the weather was so amazing, my boyfriend and I rented a boat and went for a little ride on the lake near my place on Monday.

Soo...that was my weekend. How was yours?

April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

(better late than never)

Hope you all had/still have a nice couple days with your folks!

April 23, 2011

random random

Just some random photos I found on my camera...

1) treated myself to an overpriced issue of Nylon some time ago
2) some weeks ago I fell in love with glitter nailpolish (and that top seal is the best I ever had); I'm constantly on the hunt for new polishes, I have over 40 different colours right now
3) my friend V. and her cute dog-lady named Candy
4) most of my rings...probably the second most purchased item, right after nailpolish of course
5) just got an awfully cute orchid for my room. I love orchids, hope this one survives...
6) it was so warm today, I walked around bare-legged (they really need a tan, though). I also tried to walk in these killer heels, but I failed..some more practice is desperately needed. does anyone have any advice on how to walk on sky-high heels?

So, that's it for today. The long Easter-weekend just started, so there will definitely be more content to follow soon. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

April 18, 2011


Zara pants
H&M tee, sunnies
Converse low chucks
IsaDora nailpolish ('617 dolce vita')

And, finally, we have an outfit post again. I wore those red pants for the first time today and I totally love them! My mum thinks they're horrible since they remind her of the eighties or something.. Whatever, I'll still wear them of course. How do you like them?
On another note, I wanted to share some photos of these beautiful swans with you. I took them last week when I went for a stroll with the bf. I love the weather right now! Hop you all are blessed with sunny days as well ;)

April 13, 2011

Faves of the moment

I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts here but I didn't really manage to take any photos lately, sooo I thought I might come up with a "these are my favourite things right now"-related post instead. So here we go:

1. i'm in looove with my new nailpolish! it's '460 in the bronx' by catrice
2. it's glamour shopping week, yay! i bought that two-finger ring at accessorize (got 20% discount)
3. 'circle the drain' by katy perry has been on repeat on my ipod lately
4. i also love 'talking to the moon' by mr. mars
5. 'pretty little liars' is my new favourite show, it's highly addictive
6. and finally: my bed! ugh, i've suffered from such a huge lack of sleep lately (thanks, uni)

I edited the pics with Poladroid - a lovely little app it is. So now let me know - what are your faves right now?

April 9, 2011

New in

Tuesday's shopping results...

clutch, sunnies and bikini from H&M

sweater from H&M, top from Zara

workout top from H&M

You already know the sunglasses ;) Looks like I'm gonna keep those. Thank you guys so much for leaving so many comments! I really appreciate every single one of them :)
Isn't that bikini lovely? Alright, I've got two new bikinis now and one pair of sunnies - summer, I'm ready for you!
As for that clutch: I just had to have it since I had already had my eyes on it some weeks ago, but it was on sale now (I already have it in pink, you've seen it here).
The sweater was on sale, too. And those elbow details are just grrreat! Do I need to say anything about the pink top? It's FUNtastic! If I were rich I would've bought it in every colour available... I love the Zara S/S collection, btw. It's so colourful, like candy. But the thing is: I like looking at the stuff in the store, but taking a closer look at them, I don't see myself wearing the pieces. Do you know what I mean?

April 7, 2011

To keep or not to keep?

Ladies, I need your advice! As I told you I did some shopping on Tuesday and among other things (which I'll show you another day) I bought some sunglasses at H&M. But I'm a little insecure about them. Should I keep them or not? Let me know what you think, please!

hahaha please ignore the reflection of my desktop in my glasses, people (i barely ever use my laptop's webcam)

April 6, 2011

Wednesday cravings

American Apparel leather clutch in tan/medium; YSL arty enamel ring; MAC coral lipstick ('So Chaud')

New week, new cravings! And they're all a bit luxurious regarding their prices.. But one's always allowed to dream, right?
What do you say?

April 5, 2011


'Day version':
Pimkie hareem pants
Primark jumper
Converse chucks
New Yorker bag

'Evening version':
Pimkie hareem pants
Primark jumper, bag
Monki ankle booties

Hello there! Today I spent a looong day at Uni (7hrs of lectures in a row). I compensated it with a little shopping afterwards, though. Today was also my sister's birthday and we all went out for a nice dinner in the evening. That's why there's a day and an evening version of my outfit today. Let me know how you like this, maybe I'll do that type of post again?
I also tried to capture my evening make-up (didn't work out that well, but..at least i tried, right?) since when I got that nice eye shadow palette I told you I might show you some looks I create with it. So that's one - not very exciting, I know (lipstick is 'Rebel' by MAC). Have a good one!

April 2, 2011

23° C, baby

Spent some time in the park with my friends today, to enjoy the nice weather (I guess the headline says all). Haha i look so weird in that picture, but the sun was shining straight into my eyes. Hope you all had a good day :)

April 1, 2011


Just some random inspiration I collected throughout these foregone weeks.
I finally wrote my last exam today, but it was in law, so.. I think I'll fail :/ (So I'll get to try again in one year, yay for that... -.-) But at least now, I can enjoy two completely free days without burrying my head in any books at all. And on Monday the new term starts. A fresh start it will be.
Have a nice weekend!