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October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We took this picture at a mask store at the Universal Studios in L.A. I thought it'd suit the occasion of wishing you a happy Halloween pretty well.

Is anyone having a Halloween party or some fun trick or treats planned?

October 30, 2011

New manicure

(ignore the ugliness of my nails)

Gave the half-moon manicure another shot. This time in black & gold. You like?

October 29, 2011


phobia dress
h&m tights
primark tote bag
overknee socks are old from my mother

I know this dress looks super short, and it actually is, but don't worry! I was wearing cycling shorts underneath in case there'd be a big blow of wind... Safety first, you know ;)

I'll be a busy bee today (after a long good sleep which I so desperately need) since tomorrow is my man's birthday. I'm making him a cake and all. Tomorrow will be a day full of great food! We're also having a little get-together tonight.

What are your plans for this Saturday night? Enjoy either way!

October 28, 2011

Fallen leaves

Oh, the beauty of yellow/red-coloured leaves in fall. I love it. It inspires me and, seriously, when I find myself walking through a park or an alley, I can't help but stop for a moment and look at those wonderfully coloured leaves...

Anyone amongst you that feels the same way?

October 27, 2011


h&m knit top
mango pants
casio watch
isadora nailpolish 'gold sparkles'

I'm finally getting to wear these camel pants again! I bought them last winter and somehow I can't see myself wearing them in summer, but now they've made a comeback to my wardrobe. I love them because they're chic and comfy at the same time. Wore them with simple black ankle boots. Short uni days are gonna be my heels days!

October 26, 2011


h&m cardigan, rings, belt
cheap monday t-shirt
zara pants

So, here's the complete outfit to go with the detail shots from yesterday. My mum surprised me with this amazing cardigan. I love it and had to wear it instantly. I created a rather simple outfit with it, perfect for a long day at uni.
How do you guys like the cardi?

October 25, 2011

Hands down

h&m rings, nailpolish 'out of space' (limited edition) by catrice

I'm having a crazy busy day today, uni from 9AM till 8PM (ok, I will admit there are some breaks in between..) since I picked an extra class this term. It's French! I have to renew my vocabulary. Hope the class is nice.
So I thought I'd just give you some details of my outfit for now.

How's your day?

So true

This is not your usual, wise fashion-related quote. But I think we can all relate, can't we?

October 24, 2011


h&m jumper, top
zara pants

I'm sorry I'm not showing you my face today. I took these pictures last night and we had just come home from a delicious family dinner at an asian place. I'd had a really nice hot asian curry and it somehow made my face turn veeeeery red. When I went to bed, it was still red, so I'll spare you the sight. I also didn't wear any make-up as we spent all day cleaning and tidying up our apartment (which is as big as a house really, so loads of work).

My sister and I cleaned out our children's bookshelf and stumbled across many many childhood favourites. In the first photo, I'm holding one of them. 'Emil of Lönneberga' was my absolute favourite. I generally loved all Astrid Lindgren stories (and still do), but I loved this the most. My mum tells me I knew the book by heart before I could even read myself, so I would always pretend to read it, when I really just kept reciting.

With this little story about my childhood I wish you a great start of the week!

October 23, 2011

Movie review: Anonymous

I might or might not have mentioned before that, amongst other things, I do work as a journalist and mainly write film reviews. Some time ago, I went to the press screening of 'Anonymous' and the film totally amazed me. That's precisely the reason why I wanted to mention it here on my blog. It's not all about fashion, eh ;)

'Anonymous' is about one of those famous theories about Shakespeare (you know, Shakespeare didn't exist at all or he was a woman, etc.). Now, I won't let you know which theory this film is based on, because that's the whole excitement of it, but it's quite an unusual one.
I might need to tell you first that I am obsessed with anything Shakespeare and Elizabethan England related. As I majored in English in school and wrote my final exam about Shakespeare, I am also familiar with the matter, so let me tell you: this film is amazing!

I don't know much about directing, to be honest, but Roland Emmerich did a great job on this one (you can see a bit of it in the trailer). There are some amazingly well placed leaps in time, letting you guess on the outcome, but offering just a little sneek peak before heading back to the past. It is not confusing, leaving you guessing for hours like 'Inception' would, for instance. But it creates that mystery that is at the same time utterly beautiful and crucially dark. It draws a precise picture of our assumptions of Elizabethan times. But it doesn't play with clichés. It leaves you thinking: 'this is how it really could have been'. And that's exactly what I look for in historic-themed movies.

My complete review will be up soon (in German), so let me just tell you: go watch the movie, it's totally worth it. And: If you like 'The Tudors' (which I do, of course!), you will love this one. Promise.

Will be in theatres soon!

PS: I do not get paid for this post. I just want to recommend a movie to my readers, because I enjoyed it a lot!

October 22, 2011


h&m crop jumper
monki dress

I know, my hair looks a little witchy in these pictures. I was crazy tired when I got dressed and I went a little crazy on the mousse, and also the make-up. I thought that somehow heavy smokey eyes would cover up my weariness. And I was also too tired to style a nice outfit, so I thought: 'when in doubt, go black'. This week has been pretty stressful and all I want is a good night sleep, but..not happening so soon. I still have tons of stuff on my to-do list.

Have an amazing weekend!

October 21, 2011


That was my view while waiting for the bus after work last week. The sun going down over the port. You like?

October 20, 2011


h&m jumper, shirt
primark leggings, satchel bag
casio watch
mac lipstick 'viva glam gaga' (to see only in the second photo)

Sometimes there are outfits you're wearing that you just feel so good about. They make you feel good. This one is one of those outfits. So of course, I wanna share it with you. Hope you know what I mean, it's a little difficult to describe fashion-emotions (other than just saying 'i looove that jumper').
I also loved my make-up. Fell asleep the night before thinking about using eye-liner the next day. Yup, I think my last thoughts before going to sleep are officially my wildest and/or weirdest! But I just really fell in love with that gel eyeliner. Bought it just to try it and it's actually proved to be amazing. Before, I always used khol pens or liquid eyeliner, but gel eyeliner is pretty well pigmented and also lasts longer. Ok, enough beauty chatting.

Have a good day!

October 19, 2011

October Wishlist

1.-3. Zara; 4.+5. H&M; 6. Cos

Anyone wanna be my sugardaddy?

October 18, 2011


topshop jumper
h&m top
levi's curve ID jeans
bcbg bag
isadora nailpolish 'silver sparkles'; catrice lipstick 'princess peach'

Good morning peeps! So, I had my first day of uni after the break yesterday. I'm in the whole 'new semester' mode. You know, 'this time I'll do better', 'I'll study more'... But I'm not really friends with my to-do lists that are waiting for me at home. Yet. Still, last semester I spent so much time sitting in my room doing nothing in the afternoons. Not gonna happen this time, I won't waste any more time!
Hope you have a good day!

October 17, 2011

Video post: daily make-up routine

I'm not a beauty blogger/guru or anything, just your everyday girl putting on her make-up. I've been wanting to make this video for a while, just for fun. I myself love watching other girls do their make-up, it just calms me down somehow. Plus, it's really fun. So, I hope you like it!

October 16, 2011

Cooking recipe: homemade pasta casserole

Today's post is gonna be a little different since I'll share my cooking recipe for homemade lasagna/pasta casserole with you guys.
As I still live with my parents, I don't usually get to cook myself. And if I do, I have to take account of two very, well, special kinds of tastes since both my siblings are kind of difficult with that most of the time (one being a vegetarian, the other doesn't like this and that). With food, they're like toddlers, except they're 15 and 17 years old. Oh, well. So yesterday, I was staying at my boyfriend's place and so had the rare opportunity to cook whatever I wanted (and, thankfully, my bf would really eat nearly everything). I made my favourite dish of the moment: my homemade pasta casserole. Here we go...

What you need:
-minced meat, penne pasta, gratin mozzarella cheese, peeled tomatoes, vinegar, onios, olive oil, spices (pepper, salt, basil...)

Step 1:
cut onions and vinegar and heat together in olive oil; simmer pasta in a seperate pot
Step 2:
add minced meat and let simmer until the meat is done
Step 3:
add tomatoes and spices, let simmer until the taste pleases you; preheat oven (150°C should be fine)
Step 4:
take a casserole dish, put a bit of olive oil in, then add layers of pasta and sauce
Step 5:
put as much cheese on top as you wish (me likes mucho!)
Step 6:
put the dish in the oven, just wait until the cheese has fully melted, and you're done!

October 15, 2011


h&m jumper
forever 21 necklace
monki pants

Found those silver pants from last year in my closet. Love them!
Do you like them?

October 14, 2011

New in: Fingernail ring

fingernail ring from Nelly

You've seen this one before (here), but I wanted it to have its own post because I think it really is a special accessory. I've been looking for that sort of ring for a while, but only found a really pricey version.

Well, what can I say, I'm in love with it! Do you like it?

October 13, 2011


h&m shirt
gina tricot jumper
bcbg jeans

I finally took the time to fully embrace the collar trend today. I actually had shirts of all colours in my closet except one in white. So I got this one from H&M. I'm off to work now.

Enjoy your day!