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May 27, 2012

Foolproof Make-Up

Foundation: dream matte mousse make-up by maybelline / Concealer: high definition concealer by smashbox / Blush: baked in 'coral' by the body shop / Fixing Spray: facial spray by evian

It isn't easy to find a make-up routine that will make your face look nice throughout an 8-hour day. I recently dug into my make-up drawer and came up with the perfect combination of products that allow me to get through the day without any touch-up (uni, shopping, workout and all).
I've told you before that I'm really in love with the smashbox range (amazing coverage!). The blush by The Body Shop is also really amazing, I wear it without any foundation or anything these days and it sticks to my cheeks, from 8AM to 10PM. Also: fixing spray really does make a difference (plus it's a great way to refresh in the summer heat!).

Add some mascara and eyebrow powder and I'm good to go!

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