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June 30, 2012

New camera

I finally finally got a new, better camera! Let me correct that: a way better camera! Expect loads of nice photos around here - my man is even more in love with the new toy than I am myself. So I'll see you soon with a bunch of great photos ;)

June 29, 2012

It's in the details

Details of recent outfits. Hope you like!

June 28, 2012

Raglan Inspo

sources: afterDRK, Angelica Blick

I was looking around the web for some inspiration on how to combine raglan tops. Weirdly, I couldn't find much, just these two photos. They're really nice, though! What do you think?

June 27, 2012


Suede Jacket Bershka, Top H&M, Trousers Primark, Shoes Akira, Bag Buffalo

Hello everyone! Hope you're well :)
I'm gonna have to really seize the day again today. So much studying to do, and time is running out. It's a countdown and the pace is making me slow...
Also, I have to run by the optician today to get new contact lenses, and get my eyes checked as well (I have a feeling they got worse...). Then in the afternoon, I've got horse riding practice.
Guess it's obvious that the least-fun part of my day will be the biggest one - the studying part. If anyone has any words of motivation up their sleeves, do tell ;)

June 26, 2012

Diary 14/2012

got a new pink iPhone case / fave summer drink! (iced latte) / been in the mood for healthier food lately / rediscovered some old bags in the back of my closet / summer snack / finally, my cute little Pandora ring arrived in the mail / I tend to buy all things pink haha / supporting our team (go, boys!) / lazy Sunday outfit / all it ever does is rain these days / yummy italian antipasti for dinner / i love swedish knäcka bröd!

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June 25, 2012


Top H&M, Neon lace bra Gina Tricot, Tie-Dye Jeans DIY, Denim shirt H&M, Shoes Converse, Tote bag H&M

And we went back to the park again! A very casual outfit again, for a day at uni. I wish I could've worn shorts to this one, but it wasn't really that warm.

Anyways, today's my day off uni, so I'm all in studying mode. Hope you guys have more pleasant things planned ;)

June 24, 2012

Blogger Inspo: Shewearsfashion

Another one of my favourite blogs! This time it's a lady from the UK (yay!). I discovered Kavita's blog quite a while ago, and it's been fun to see it grow ever since. I'm in love with her style, so girly with loads of dresses and skirts, but very chic and fashionable. This blogger darling is also the queen of vintage, carboot shopping and bargaining. The pieces in her wardrobe are all amazingly pretty (in fact I just ordered that union jack jumper! oops..).
It's one of the view blogs I actually take the time to read, not only look at the pictures. Definitely worth stopping by!

June 23, 2012

Mermaid Nails

Essie 'Turquoise & Caicos' + some random silver glitter nailpolish

I wear nailpolish nearly every day, and have been for years. Most of the time, I change the polish at least once per week.
This time I was trying to copy a look I came across via Pinterest (see here) which looked like a little sprinkled egg. My nails turned out to look mermaid-ish, but since I'm quite the water person I really like it! What do you think?

June 22, 2012


Top H&M, Boyfriend Jeans Levi's, Blazer H&M, Loafers Primark, Bag Etam

We shot these photos at a park near campus, and I think it's easily becoming my new favourite spot in town! It's an official botanic garden kind of place, so it gets really well taken care of. Really pretty! Will definitely go there again soon (and shoot maybe).

June 21, 2012


wearing H&M Trend floral pants, DIY jumper, Fossil watch & Swarovski bracelet

Details of an outfit I wore earlier this week.
I'm in uni right now for an early lecture. Got one more later and then some work at the office. Then tonight I will need to study and also go for a run! Talk about seizing the day... Are you guys busy, too?

June 20, 2012


Trousers Cubus / Blouse Primark / Shoes Cox

I was opting for an all pastel look with this one. I actually added a pastel-pink lipstick to it, but it doesn't really show in the photos.
I had almost forgotten about this blouse (god, it feels really bad to say this!), but turns out I really like it! I think I should wear blouses more often, I own quite a bunch of them now and I don't think any of them has gotten to their full "cost per wear" yet.

June 19, 2012

New in/Sandals

Latest addition to my wardrobe: sandals from S.Oliver.
Now my wardrobe is basically perfectly ready for summer - so, sun, where are you?

Diary 13/2012

been really into lipstick lately / worked out almost every day / sunset view out of my bedroom window / lecture in the morning / shopping for shoes / eating yummy strawberries / bought my new blush / made bicolour cheesecake / more lipstick / also into feather earrings / outfit from my perspective / my hair looked so nice though I hadn't styled it at all

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June 17, 2012


I recently bought the 'Melba' blush by MAC. I didn't know much about it, just that there was a huge hype about it and I needed a good coral-ish blush. So far, it's living up to the hype! Really well pigmented, and I guess it goes with pretty much every skintone.

I had intended to show you last night's outfit today, but we didn't manage to snap any photos. Need to shoot more now! I'll probably drag my man out of the house tomorrow for at least one little outfit shoot session. I always make it my goal to make the 'outfit recap' posts at the end of the month bigger and bigger. Speaking of goals, I have to run now! Just came back from a workout, will hop in the shower and then watch the game with my dad and the boy. Will you be watching, too?

June 16, 2012


Blazer H&M / Shirt Gina Tricot / Jeans Levi's / Bag, Shoes Zara

Here's the full outfit from yesterday!
This crappy weather really leaves me quite uninspired outfit-wise. I have never owned so many shorts before, yet I can't wear them (I'm really over tights at the moment). Let's hope summer will be back soon.
In the meantime: studying. Taking a break tonight though, to celebrate my girl D. who turned 21 yesterday. So, I'm off now, the pure fun of economics awaits me (...) and I have a cheesecake to make! Talk to you later.

June 15, 2012

Sneak peek

Today's details. Full outfit to come tomorrow!

Picked up those cutesy shoes at Zara yesterday. My heels hurt like hell, I hate it when flats are so darn hard in the back (see how I tucked in my pants?). But, what the hell! Waited for what seemed like forever till the shop assistant finally got me the shoes in my size, so they're mine now and I love 'em!

June 14, 2012

Inspiration/Closet Organization

sources: passions for fashion, angelica blick, shopping is my cardio, purse n boots, elin kling, apartmenttherapy, cottds

I don't know about you, but I find it very difficult to find a 'permanent solution' for my closet. It's safe to say I have the biggest closet and own the most clothes out of all of my girlfriends (duh!), yet still I'm a loser when it comes to organizing all the stuff.

Unfortunately, I don't have the possibility to create my own walk-in closet, and my closet is an open one (I'd rather not share any photos!). The closet does feature a rack, but it's so full I can barely see all the pieces. It happens more and more often that I dig into my closet like a pig on the hunt for truffels and stumble upon pieces I had completely forgotten about. That might me due to my shopping behaviour - but it might also be because of the way I organize my clothes. So I took the time to look for inspiration around the net. If you have any tips, photos or favourite websites - feel free to share!

I'll certainly post about it if I ever find a solution to my little wardrobe crisis...

June 13, 2012

New in/Accessories

neon necklace, mint collar H&M / crystal necklace, earrings and set Swarovski / chunky earrings and necklace H&M / evil eye necklace Mango / sunnies H&M

As I told you I recently stocked up on vibrant accessoires. I have a feeling you're gonna see these a lot around here! You've seen the neon necklace here, the chunky earrings here and the collar here before.
How do you like my new stuff?