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August 23, 2012

Wishlist | Timeless basics

It's been long since I last published a wishlist. I have reached that stage where I feel like I have enough items in my closet, basically, and just need to find new ways to combine them. However, there are some timeless basics I seem to have skipped during past shopping trips. I have, for example, found the perfect pair of jeans by now. But there are some other pieces that I would like to possess that will last me a long time.

A perfect white shirt is a no-brainer, and yet I never came across one. It doesn't necesarily have to be that pricy one above by By Malene Birger - I'll keep my eyes open. I've been dreaming of the perfect pair of comfortable, simple pants that go with everything for a while now. It seems that Nowhere has just the right option. Oddly, I have never owned an authentic leather jacket. Which is weird since those will last long and really go with just about anything. Well, this baby from H&M Trend just happens to be on its way to me...


  1. I just bought that leather jacket! I think it's perfect :)


  2. I love the blouse and leather! I with pants like that would suit me!


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