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September 30, 2012

Outfits | 092012

All my outfits from September... You can really see the transition from Summer to Fall. So, I have to ask - got a favourite?

Blogger Inspo | Thefashionguitar

Sunday again - time to chat about my fashion blogger favourites. Today it's all about Charlotte, a young lady from the Netherlands based in London who blogs on Thefashionguitar. This one has been on my favourites list for a while. If you still wonder why, please have another look at those photos! Her shoes...her outfits..London. The fact that she had a baby not too long ago and still looks so effortlessly stylish in each of her posts makes me have a lot of respect for her. That is one hot -and fashionable!- mama!

Meet more of my favourite online fashionistas here.

September 29, 2012

Outfit | Fallen Leaves

I was wearing: Jumper Promod/ Top and Faux Leather Skirt H&M/ Boots Sommerkind

I can't get enough of this sweater! I have a million ideas for combinations in my mind. I also keep a list in my phone where I write down all the items from my closet I'd love to wear together, just so I don't forget about my fabulous ideas (haha). Comes in handy when you find yourself in front of the closet thinking 'what the hell am I going to wear today?!'. The only trouble is, my ideas get a little crazy the later it is. Back in school I used to lay out my outfits for me before going to sleep and sometimes, the next morning, I would think 'what?! there's no way I'm going to wear that!'.
So tell me - does anyone else keep an 'outfit list'?

September 28, 2012

Recent Features

Me on Blue is in Fashion this Year

Me on InStyle.de

You might have noticed - and Facebook and/or Instagram followers will know - that I added a little "Press/Features" subpage to the blog. I've recently been featured on some blogs and websites for the first time, which makes me incredibly happy! When I found out about each and every one of these, I did a little happy dance. So here I'll show you two of those features, more to be seen here.

September 27, 2012

Outfit | Baby it's Cold Outside

I was wearing: Coat, Scarf and Tie-Dye Jeans H&M/ Bag BCBG/ Shoes Nike/ Jumper H&M Trend

I officially started wearing a scarf. And a coat. It's getting really cold now. I think it's always a challenge to dress both warm and fashionable. But layering and hiding in warm sweaters is more fun than wearing just a teeny pair of shorts and a top while still trying to look à la mode.

September 26, 2012

Outfit | Rule Britannia

I was wearing: Jumper Sheinside/ Faux Leather Pants New Yorker/ Beanie Primark/ Boots Monki/ Rings H&M, Pandora

I finally get to wear my huge snuggly Union Jack jumper. Safe to say I'm in love!
I'm writing a statistics exam today, so keep your fingers crossed! It's basically just applied maths, so.. hum... I don't know how two years ago, I made the decision to just study something so maths-related when maths was definitely on my 'most hated subjects' list. Out of pure necessity I came to terms with the numbers, but it's still a fight sometimes. Maths is great when you get it, but when you don't, it's just a big pile of frustration. I guess somehow I wanted to challenge myself - we'll see where today's exam gets me.

September 25, 2012

A Week in the Life of | #27

An outfit from my perspective: pants from Promod and boots from Tamaris / Snacking on Swedish cinnamon buns while studying, those are sooo yummy! / A mirror-outfit, wearing a blouse from Gina Tricot, jumper from Primark and pants from Forever21 (full look seen here) / The view from my room, it was raining heavily while the sun was shining - surreal!

Sporting a hat / Stocked up on my favourite tea, I drink so much tea now every day / My boyfriend shooting my outfit (thank you, babe!) / A little collage I made out of some outfit photos

Wearing my favourites: Fossil watch and bracelet, Asos spike bracelet / And a mirror outfit again: hat from Primark, jumper form Sheinside and leather pants from New Yorker (full look will be up tomorrow!) / Eating Sushi with the boy, yummy! / And the last mirror outfit: H&M Trend peplum jumper, H&M tie-dye jeans (full look coming soon!)

Seems like my week was full of food and fashion (the best of F-words!), but really, I've just been studying a lot, allowing myself to some snacks and nice lunch breaks with the boy. I always allow myself to snack every once in a while when I have to study a lot (I guess I put on some extra weight during graduation times - but, hey, I got good grades!). Hope you guys had a great week!
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September 24, 2012

Wishlist | #02

Sneaker Wedges from Buffalo/ Boots via Zalando/ Metallic Golden iPhone Case via Shopbop/ Caviar Nailpolish by Ciaté/ Grey Sweater from H&M Man

Remember when I told you I didn't really need to do any more shopping? Yeaaaaah, right.
I've been drooling over those wedge sneakers for months now (though my boyfriend thinks they're terribly ugly), and come the next paycheck, they'll be mine! The list pretty much speaks for itself: I need some nice flat boots for fall (I really do!), that nailpolish is just to die for (and finally available in Germany), who doesn't want to wander around with a golden phone and a grey sweater plus all these printed t-shirts and sweaters out there just scream DIY. What are your cravings at the moment?

September 23, 2012

Outfit | Layering

I was wearing: Leather Jacket H&M Trend/ Jumper Primark/ Blouse Gina Tricot/ Pants Forever21/ Boots Akira

It was really really cold on the day we took those pictures. So layering was key! But I don't mind it, since it allows me to wear all my favourite pieces at once. Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

September 22, 2012

Inspiration | Elle Italy 09/12

Elle Italy September 2012

As shown in my Diary post, my sister brought back some Italian magazines from her trip. Lucky for me, it was September Issue time. Now, I don't speak any Italian, but looking at the pictures alone is fun! So now I'm showing you my favourites from the issue, hope you like them, too.

September 21, 2012

Outfit | Is it Fall yet?

I was wearing: Shearling Vest 2Two/ Jumper H&M Man/ Jeans Zara/ Boots Akira/ Bag BCBG

It's ridiculous how excited I am about fall. Just seeing the first fallen leaves on the ground makes me smile and looking at my closet I instantly get so many ideas... I don't wear this shearling vest often enough, and autumn is actually the perfect season for it. Any fall lovers out there?

September 20, 2012

Outfit | Isabel?

I was wearing: Jumper Promod/ Fishnet Tank H&M/ Jeans Levi's/ Shoes Converse

When I saw this knit jumper in the shop window, I was so happy! The resemblance to a certain Isabel Marant piece is undeniable. I really love this jumper, it's so cozy and lovely. The pattern and colour are perfect for fall.
As you can see it was crazy windy when we took these photos. Perfect weather so snuggle up in a big comfy jumper! What do you think about my new knit friend?

September 19, 2012

Sneak Peek

Here's a little preview of tomorrow's outfitpost! It's getting really cold out there and I'm really happy to finally be able to wear all my lovely jumpers. Check back tomorrow for the full look.

Brand to watch: Base Range

Organic materials and style don't seem to be a match made in heaven – at least that's what I thought when the whole organic trend first popped up. But some brands have succeeded in proving me wrong, one of them being Base Range. The Danish brand offers fashion in a typically Scandinavian kind of style – very simple and minimalistic, yet stylish. Whilst I myself can never completely stay away from colours, prints and patterns, I appreciate a simple piece every once in a while to calm the whole look down, make it more elegant.

Base Range offers just the pieces that shouldn't be missing in anyone's wardrobe. With the colours ranging from a classic off-white to black, the low-key designs prove that whoever wears them does so in style.Whether it's a coat (I'm in love with their white jacket Kobe!) or a pair of shorts, comfort is also an important attribute of the brand's designs. If nothing else, the softness of the clothes is due to the organic material

September 18, 2012

A Week in the Life of | #26

Leaving my mark at Starbucks / I was so happy when my leather jacket arrived, had to pose with it immediately! / Wearing my trusted Nikes with black jeans, a simple white tee and a parka for a day of running errands / It's a horse! I actually go horseback riding once a week, every week, but this time I thought I'd snap some proof ;)

The inevitable mirror-photo, wearing my H&M Trend leather jacket and peplum jumper and Zara jeans (full outfit seen here) / The boy and I went to visit his sweet grandparents, the train had to make for our study location / Wearing my new Marant-ish knit with a fishnet tank (full look will be up soon!) / As it got colder last week I was finally able to wear my Union Jack jumper from Sheinside (love it!)

My sister came back from her class trip to Italy and brought me back some Italian mags (me no speak Italiano, but, hello, Italian september issue - eyecandy!) / For the colder seasons I always feel more drawn to this fragrance rather than my usual Miss Dior Chérie (which is almost empty btw, sob sob!) / Being goofy while shooting outfit photos / Again, the cold weather was used as an excuse to use something new, this time this lovely scented candle from Zara Home (also note: my new iPhone case - hello there, bunny! - and my lovely agenda)

I hope you guys enjoy this little photo diary! For more, more and even more follow me on Instagram @cinjasblog

September 17, 2012

Outfit | Peplum

I was wearing: Leather Jacket H&M Trend/ Pants Zara/ Peplum Jumper H&M Trend/ Pumps Zara

I will admit that I put on these shoes purely for the purpose of these photos (as you might guess from the last picture). These green babies have been sitting in my closet since forever and I thought they would look really nice with this outfit - in fact, they did - but there's a reason I never wear these shoes. They are so painful! Not at all hard to walk in, but so tight around the front of the foot and my toes... it hurt so much! Good thing I always bring some emergency flats with me when I wear heels that aren't 100% comfortable.