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March 27, 2013

Inspiration / Dungarees

photos via tuulavintage, stockholm streetstyle, shewearsfashion, weworewhat, wishwishwish, twinfashion, victoria törnegren, thefashionguitar, styleheroine

Ah, dungarees. That cheeky nineties trend that's trying to make its way back into our lives. I'm really not a big fan of all things nineties. But all those gorgeous dungaree-combos out there have got me wondering if I could pull off that trend, too. Probably not. But it just so happens that I still want to give the whole thing a try, and so -accidentally- a pair of dungarees is on its way to me. I love how the long-legged version looks, but let's not push my luck. I'm sure those would look anything but flattering on me. Instead, I ordered myself a short version. I can imagine pairing some denim dungarees with tights, but they're also quite a nice alternative to shorts in the summer. We'll see how this works out.


  1. I've never really been a fan (save for when I was 2 and my mom felt the compulsive need to constantly dress me in them) but with such a variety of styles and materials, how can one say no?!


  2. I remembered my high school moments, I had a couple of these and I can't get enough of them, now that its trending, i am uncertain if I can pull it off.

    I love your blog. I love your taste in fashion.


  3. I totally need a pair myself.


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