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September 29, 2013


Coat from Minimum

I recently bumped into this coat at a sample sale and had to take it home with me. It's so cozy, it feels like a huge teddy bear is constantly hugging me when I wear it. Love it!

September 27, 2013

I'll Just Read A Book Instead

Jacket FFC (old) / Jeans Topshop / Hat H&M / Shoes Nike / Bag Pull&Bear

Yeah, literally - I'll just read a book instead of everything else. Well, not so much a book, but lecture slide after lecture slide. Exams are next week and frankly, I can't wait for them to be over!

Ok, I'll stop whining now. On to the outfit: That jacket has been sitting in the back of my wardrobe for ages (really, I must have gotten in way back in high school!). I'm so happy I rediscovered it since it's the perfect transitional weather piece and that military style is never a bad idea during fall, is it?

September 25, 2013

A Hat-Trick

Hat from H&M

Yes, that's me wearing a hat! I never pictured myself as a hat person. Beanies, sure. The occasional straw hat in Summer to protect my scalp from becoming all red - been there, done that. But I didn't think I'd wear a proper hat during the day, just like that. Recently I kind of got in the mood to give that a try, though, and found myself inside the store, trying to choose between two nice hats. Little confession: I ended up taking them both home. The one you see here is quite the simple black hat, the other one is a burgundy floppy fedora that will be perfect for fall! I hope I'll get to show it to you guys soon. Until then, what do you think about seeing a hat on me?

September 23, 2013

Obsessed Much

Shirt from Morocco / Skort c/o Persunmall / Coat H&M / Boots Akira

I might be obsessed with skorts. I already have a white one and a black one, and now also a blue one! I think this colour actually looks good with tights, too, so it's perfect for fall. What do you think?

PS. Sorry about the low rates of updates over here. Exam time strikes again!

September 19, 2013


What's on my nails at the moment: Golden nail wraps (from L'Oréal). I really like the metallic look for fall, I also got myself some shiny eye shadows. These nail wraps are supposed to stay on the nails for ten whole days. Oh, well... If you try this, I recommend using a top coat to secure the wraps.
So, what do you think about golden shiny nails?

September 17, 2013

Fall Ready

Plaid scarf Gina Tricot, Knit jumper H&M Trend

I'm (almost) ready for fall. Wardrobe wise, at least. To sweeten up the arrival of the cold season a bit, I piled up on warm knits (such as that amazing electric blue jumper!) and also got myself a tartan/plaid scarf. Also, September issues are piling up on my nightstand. Ready for a fashionable season!

September 16, 2013

Sponsored Video: Gefunden auf otto.de

Heute Morgen lagen mir die ersten Kastanien des Jahres zu Füßen – der Herbst ist jetzt wohl tatsächlich da! Jetzt wird’s windig und kühl (und nass...). Aber: Jetzt kommt auch die - nach verschiedenen Blogs, Magazinen und Designern zu urteilen - Lieblings-Jahreszeit der Fashion-Welt. Layering, Strickpullis, Stiefel, Beanies, Schals und Hüte sind angesagt. Für mich klingt das schonmal verheißungsvoller als Erkältung und Regen. Also: Decken wir uns mit neuer Herbst-Kleidung ein! ;)

Online-Shopping gehört mittlerweile ebenso zum Shopping-Trip wie ein Stadtbummel. Auch auf otto.de halten die Herbsttrends 2013 Einzug. Die schon bekannte Kampagne „Gefunden auf otto.de“ geht somit auch in der kalten Jahreszeit weiter. Diesmal liegt der Fokus natürlich auf den Trends der Saison – viel schwarz, Animal-Prints, der Herbst/Winter-Liebling Bordeaux...
Und wieder einmal sehen wir trendy, aber alltagstauglich gekleidete Frauen mit Teilen, bei denen man sich – wie manchmal in der U-Bahn, in der City oder im Büro/in der Uni – unweigerlich fragt: „Wo ist das bloß her?“

Das Kampagnenvideo wurde diesmal vom Oscar-prämierten Regisseur Joachim Back in Szene gesetzt. Und auch auf otto.de selbst gibt es Neues zu entdecken: Seit März gibt es die „New York Fashion Boutique“. Hinter dieser Bezeichnung verstecken sich die neuesten Looks der Saison, direkt von den New Yorker Laufstegen. Jetzt gerade nach der Fashion Week eine gute Anlaufstelle, nachdem wir soviel Inspiration aus dem Big Apple bekommen haben!

Dieser Artikel wurde gesponsert von Otto.

Inspiration on a Monday

photos via tumblr

Let's kick this week off with some inspiration. If you'd like to see more photos of this sort, feel free to stop by my tumblr.
Happy Monday!

September 14, 2013


Jumper Pull and Bear / Trousers H&M / Boots Akira

I love electric blue! This jumper will brighten up many fall and winter days for me, I'm sure. Plus, it's really warm and cozy. I see a potential new favourite piece!

September 12, 2013


Top H&M / Skirt H&M Trend / Jacket Bershka / Boots Zalando Collection

Remember 'Constance Billard School for Girls'? This look reminds me of Gossip Girl a lot. The idea of visiting New York myself keeps growing on me (although I'm quite far from booking that flight, let me tell you that). Plus, I recently went through a couple of old SATC episodes. Seriously, where are those tv series that casually take us on a tour through NYC while telling a story as well?

September 10, 2013

Sponsored Video: Just Cavalli

Zum Launch des neuen Parfums Just Cavalli for Him hat sich Cavalli die Models Georgia May Jagger und Marlon Teixeira ins Boot geholt. In der Kampagne ist allerdings ein Game auf dem Smartphone der (heimliche) Star.

Der Duft wird nicht (nur) klassisch über TV- und Printwerbung vorgestellt, sondern ganz modern per App bzw. Online-Game beworben. Der frische, lebendige und zugleich sinnliche Duft für den Mann soll vor allem verführerisch wirken (und ebenso anziehend wie das Spiel zum Parfum...) - und wer könnte einer Mischung aus Pimentpfeffer, Holz und Leder widerstehen? Das klingt für mich nach einem guten Herrenduft für den Herbst.
In einem der Clips sehen wir Mick Jagger – Tochter Georgia May, die sich kaum mehr von ihrem Smartphone losreißen kann. Der Grund sind nicht etwa wichtige E-Mails oder ihr Kalender – das schöne britische Model spielt lieber das GameJust a bite, das scheinbar ganz schön süchtig macht. Worum es dabei genau geht, sehen wir noch nicht.
In einem weiteren Clip geht Männermodel Marlon Teixeira seiner Sucht nach und mag sich nicht mehr von seinem Handy trennen. Auch er ist nicht mit dem Schreiben von SMS oder Nachrichtenlesen beschäftigt – ihn hat das Just a bite-Fieber ebenfalls gepackt. Der Brasilianer kann sogar beim Sport nicht davon lassen. Und noch immer bleibt der Inhalt der App geheimnisvoll.

Das Spiel Just a bite gibt’s übrigens auf Facebook und im App store – da kann sich dann jede/r selbst ein Bild davon machen, ob es wirklich so süchtig macht... ;)

Dieser Post wurde gesponsert von Just Cavalli Parfums.

Cinja's Insta

1. Yummy Burgers in Berlin 2. After-work cocktails with the boy 3. Touristy Berlin shot 4. New shoes!

1. Some #selfie action 2. I love brunch! 3. I made Scones to go with my tea obsession (they need some improvement, though) 4. Finally got myself a pair of Ray Ban's

1. My favourite cocktail: the Cosmo! 2. Sported pink dip-dye hair for a bit (just the colour bug thingy, no actual dye) 3. New iPhone case - isn't it cute? 4. Some fall inspiration

A little insta round-up of the last couple of weeks. A lot of #foodstagram happening there, haha.
Follow me @cinjasblog if you like!

September 9, 2013

Plaid Love

Shirt Urban Outfitters / Boyfriend Jeans Zara / Shoes Bershka

I'm really in love with the upcoming plaid trend. Plaid shirts are so easy to wear in this transitional weather. Hope you don't mind seeing me in these on a regular basis. This weather also means we'll need to slowly say goodbye to open-toe shoes. I realized I hadn't worn these cute nude/neon sandals all summer (oops), so I took them for a spin before that would make me catch a cold.
I hope you guys all have a good start to the week! I have to get into study mode again since exams are coming up (ugh). Otherwise, I'll be busy working. Does anyone have fancier plans? ;)

September 8, 2013

The Travel Edit: Berlin

I've been thinking about creating a travel-themed category on the blog for a while now. I'd really like to share a few tips for city (and maybe other...) trips since I find these kind of posts ridiculously useful myself. I always search for those on blogs before going on a trip and the restaurant/cafe/bar recommendations usually do not disappoint. So, here we go - starting with the last city I've visited: Berlin!

Where to stay:
I'm usually lucky enough to be staying at a friend's place when visiting Berlin, so I can't actually give you any hotel recommendations. But, the last time we went to the capital, my girlfriends and I booked an apartment via Airbnb. It was the first time we tried this and it's actually quite the cool website with tons of amazing places all around the world (and cheaper than a hotel!). If you simply need a place to stay and keep all your stuff at, give it a try!

Where to eat:
I personally think Berlin is a great place for any sort of dinner and/or drinks situations. Here are my favourites:
Spreegold (Hufelandstraße 20) Nice pasta place! Try their Gnocchi Goat.
White Trash (Schönhauser Allee 6-7) American style burger place with a whole lot of rock'n'roll.
Wonderpots (Grunerstraße 20) Cute little froyo place with a coffee, tea and snack selection. Major interior inspiration!
Habana (Grünberger Str. 57) For you brunch lovers.

For going out:
Let me start by telling you that I'm not at all a party gal. My preferences for a Friday or Saturday night are pretty granny-ish (a movie and a glass of wine, please!). So here come the exceptions:
Mein Haus am See (Brunnenstraße 197-198) Not usually my kind of scene, but the best Mojitos I've ever had!
Tube Station (Friedrichstraße 180-184) I hate night clubs. This one I didn't hate (ask my friends, it means a lot!)

Those are my Berlin tips for you! A small, but sincere selection. Hope you enjoy and maybe you can put these to use someday. Kudos to my friend N. who recommended most of these places and shared her place with me on several occasions. On that note: If you can, try and get a local to give you some tips for a city trip. Worth gold!

September 7, 2013

You are Lipstick Pretty now

Top H&M Trend / Skort Zara / Shoes Nike / Sunnies Ray Ban / Bag Zara

Summer made a little cameo - I grabbed this little black ensemble to celebrate. Haha, not really. I actually felt like I wasn't used to summer dressing anymore and black is always the safest option, isn't it?
Oh, and I also took my new sunnies for a spin. I'm gonna wear them in fall as well, I don't care!

September 5, 2013

Off the List

Ray Ban Sunglasses

At the beginning of the year, I kinda made an imaginary list of things I wanted to get this year. A pair of Ray Ban's finally being one of them. My pair arrived last week, but they came in brown instead of the black I had ordered (don't you just love when that happens). But, I must say, the brown looks way less harsh against my general paleness than a black frame would. So - sold to the lady over here!

September 4, 2013

Inspiration on a Wednesday

Photos via tumblr

I've decided to bring regular inspiration posts back to the blog. Nothing bad about a little mid-week inspo, right?