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December 30, 2013

How We Do

   Shirt Bershka / Pants Zara / Coat 2two / Boots Asos / Ring Pandora

Ah, Monday again! But actually, this is gonna be a good one. I'm off to get a massage in a bit and then later it's hairdresser time with my bestie. One nice pampering day before the new year starts. My hair has been a bit out of control lately (can you tell from the photos?), I hope it can be tamed at the salon. Wouldn't mind starting off 2014 with a cute new 'do!

December 29, 2013

2013 in Pictures Part I

Warning: There's a major photo bomb coming your way! We're counting down to 2014 and I know every other blogger is posting a 2013 review, but I think it's a lovely tradition, so here's my very own Best Of the Year! This part features photos from the first half of the year, with a bunch of my favourite outfits thrown in for good measure.
I also threw in some of my fave features that I felt so honoured to discover (hello InStyle magazine and Asos!) and some photos from my travels. I went on a girls' trip to Berlin in winter and then on a cruise trip with my dad in the spring and we got to visit Copenhagen which was really cool. Honestly, I'm really grateful for 2013. I feel like I have never learned more in a year. Not talking uni stuff here, but I feel I've learned so much about myself and life in general that I'm definitely a lot more prepared for the challenges that I know 2014 will hold. I guess I'm growing up and thus far, I like it. I always used to feel that at the end of a year, nothing had really happened in the past twelve months, but not this time. It's a good feeling! Stay tuned for part two, because there's plenty more where this picture craze came from... ;)

December 28, 2013

Inspiration on a Saturday

   Photos via Tumblr

Last weekend of the year! Do you guys already have plans for New Year's Eve? I'm probably just gonna hang out with my bestie and my sis... I'd really like to go out as well, we'll see. Before that, I'm gonna get my hair done on Monday. I haven't been to a hairdresser in years (I always have my mum cut my hair and dye it myself), so I'm a bit scared haha. I have trust issues with hair stylists! I think I'm gonna go for a slight change. Still collecting some hair inspiration photos at the moment.
Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

December 27, 2013

Sponsored Video: Santa Claus gestresst – fällt Weihnachten ins Wasser?

Ich hoffe, ihr hattet alle schöne und entspannte Weihnachten! Trotz des Marathons aus Geschenke besorgen und verpacken und kochen, kochen, kochen, ist es doch immer wieder schön, ein paar Tage mit den Lieben zu verbringen und irgendwie ein bisschen abgeschottet zu sein vom Rest der Welt.
An Weihnachten gibt es aber natürlich eine Person, die mehr zu tun hat als alle anderen zusammen: Santa! Der Weihnachtsmann muss schließlich alle Geschenke besorgen (oder basteln), verpacken und auch noch rechtzeitig auf der ganzen Welt abliefern... ;) Dabei kommt der Gute ganz schön ins Schwitzen, wie im Clip oben zu sehen ist. Die Deadline steht, da ist nichts zu machen, aber schafft er das alles überhaupt? Weihnachten droht ins Wasser zu fallen.
Santa Claus hat jedoch noch rechtzeitig vor dem Fest die rettende Idee – er bestellt alle Geschenke einfach online. Jetzt kann der Weihnachtsmann sich zurücklehnen und mal so richtig entspannen. Weihnachten ist gerettet!

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   Beanie from Zara

I hope you guys all had a nice Christmas! Amongst other things, Santa brought me this fab beanie. Isn't it really cool? I feel like now, when I wear it and people say something stupid I can just point at my head (haha!).
Anyway, now I'm probably gonna go for a run and then work from home a bit - no office time or uni for me until the new year!

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope you're having a wonderful time with good food and that Santa was good to you ;)

December 24, 2013

Paris Photo Diary

Just in case you haven't had your weekly dose of Eiffel Tower yet.

December 22, 2013

Cinja's Insta

It's been long since my last Instagram Diary post, hasn't it? I've made a case of the bad blogger lately anyways. I've just basically been the busiest I've ever been, I think. It sure is going to feel weird to be off-duty next week. Is this what beginning to become a workaholic feels like? Free time is awkward now? Gosh. Well, I always have those January deadlines to keep me busy should I get bored... I'm terrible, I know. Are you guys feeling all festive? I'm certainly not there yet. Maybe that'll change tomorrow when we head off to load our car full of yummy goodies for the crazy three-day-food-fest that is Christmas. Holy moly.

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