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April 29, 2013

Short Shorts

  Shorts H&M FAA, Top Topshop, Baseball Jacket Bershka, Shoes Converse

I finally get to dig my shorts collection out of my closet again. I think I forgot how much I like wearing shorts, when I actually have quite a lot of them. I may even have a pair that I've never worn before... Oops! So while it was still too chilly to go bare-legged, shorts are already an improvement. Not to mention the reduction of layers (ok, I admit I was still wearing a tank top underneath). Still, sunshine is a good start!

April 27, 2013

New In / The Sporty Kind

   Top Gina Tricot

A trip to Copenhagen meant taking advantage of the fact that there are shops over there we don't have in my hometown. I did visit &other stories and Topshop, but didn't really find anything that suited me (or my wallet). I bought some amazing basics at Topshop, though, that you will probably see in an outfit soon. I was really happy to find this sporty top/dress that I'd seen pop up on blogs before. I think it will look amazing with tanned legs in the summer (if I can manage to get a tan, that is). What do you think about it?

April 25, 2013

Copenhagen Photo Diary

I spent a lovely two days in Copenhagen. We did some sightseeing and explored the city and it goes without saying that I went on a little shopping spree as well. Not to mention the Danish snacks I simply had to treat myself to (hello there, cinnamon buns!).
As usual in Scandinavian cities, people were ridiculously stylish! I don't really get how they look amazing when at the same time they don't seem to put any effort into their styling. And nobody was wearing heels! Reading dozens of fashion blogs every days, you'd easily get tricked into thinking that high heels and being fashionable are inseperately linked. When actually, you can match your favourite pair of sneakers to almost every look, looking effortlessly cool. I say we go for it!

April 23, 2013

In Copenhagen

  Leather Jacket H&M Trend, Dungarees River Island (via Asos), Blouse H&M, Pistol Boots Akira

I'm back from my little cruise trip! I didn't get much sleep last night, so now I'm feeling a bit like a zombie. But there's quite a bunch of stuff to do, including some dreadful calculus homework. I just feel like hiding in my bed and catching up on my favourite tv shows. Can I just skip this day please?

April 20, 2013


I'm really into delicate silver rings lately, so I extended the collection with some rings from Fashionology to accompany my trusted Pandora ones. At first I was hesitant about the whole above knuckle thing, but now I'm in love! What do you think?

PS. Nevermind my far from perfect fingers.

April 18, 2013

Spring has Sprung

  Bomber jacket H&M, Top French Connection, Jeans Levi's (customized), Boots Sam Edelman

Today's a good day! I'm leaving for a little cruise trip with my Dad. I've never been on a ship for more than two hours before, so we'll see how it goes, but I don't think I'll get seasick. Plus, we'll always be close to the shore (I think it would freak me out to wake up and just see nothing but the sea...). So, we're boarding today and we'll be on the island of Sylt tomorrow and we'll also spend two full days in Copenhagen. I've never been to Copenhagen before so I can't wait! I'll be back next week with a load of pictures I assume - I've scheduled some posts, though.

April 17, 2013

Beauty Favourites / #4

Today's Beauty Favourites post is all about hair! As you can see from my photos I mostly wear my hair open, occasionally I'll wear it in a bun or a ponytail, but I never really put that much effort into the styling of my hair. Since I do have a rather sensitive scalp, though, and my hair is partly bleached, I feel I need to pay some extra attention when it comes to haircare. So here are my favourite products for both washing and styling my hair!

System Professional 'Balance Scalp' shampoo: I was fed up with my dry and itchy scalp, so I went to a shop for professional hair care and just blindly trusted the lady in the shop. This shampoo has really helped so far! I had to wait for a few washes, but now my scalp is really getting better.
L'Oréal Professionnel 'Shine Blonde': I purely use this so that my hair doesn't get too yellow-ish. The lilac in this product apparently brings out the blond and I feel as if it's working!
John Frieda 'Intensive Care': This is a deep conditioning treatment I don't use as often as I should! After using this, my hair gets incredibly soft and feels really repaired. I guess you could just about use any mask for this effect (I've yet to try the DIY avocado mask!) though. Schwarzkopf volume powder: Although my hair certainly does not lack any volume, I like using volume powder on third-day hair. It does make the hair feel quite weird, though, so I don't use it that often. To be fair, this will get you the effect it claims to get.
The Body Shop 'Grapeseed Glossing Serum': I know there's a number of hair oils and serums out there now, but I've been using this one for over a year now and I'm sticking to it! I apply the oil to my wet hair before blowdrying to moisturise my hair. But I also use it on dry hair to prevent frizzy hair and get a little bit of shine - also perfect for that finishing touch after styling!
kms california 'Hair Play sea salt spray': I usually only use this in Summer to get beach wavy hair. As my hair is quite thick and heavy, this product does not really have a waving effect on it, but it still gives it this 'I just came from the beach' type of texture.

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April 15, 2013

Camo Couture

  Pants, coat, bag Zara, Top Monki, Blazer, belt H&M, Pistol boots Akira

Happy Monday! I know most of you guys will hate Mondays, since it's my day off I don't mind it that much, though. It's supposed to be really warm and sunny today. Finally! I'd really love to go out for a walk and treat myself to some froyo today, but as it's Monday everyone's kind of busy. So I guess I'll just be at home, have to finish some homework anyway. After all, productive Mondays are the best, aren't they?

April 13, 2013

From A to Z

  Sweater H&M, Leggings Monki, Shoes Zara

I love how comfy this look is and I actually wore it twice this week. I usually don't wear the exact same combination twice during a short period of time, but if you find a combo you really love - there's nothing wrong with sticking with it, right? I first wore this look to work the other day (with other shoes, though) and then once again for coffee and a stroll through the city with my boyfriend. Now, enjoy your weekend, everyone!

April 12, 2013

Missing Summer

Music: Greg Laswell - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Which place screams Summer more than L.A.? I visited the city of angels in Summer 2011 with my best friend. We recently went through old photos and videos from the trip and had a good laugh! The memories actually made me miss Summer a lot. Sunshine, light flowy clothes, shorts, relaxing in the sun, beaches, frozen yoghurt... So I put together a little video of our trip, including footage I never showed on the blog before. I hope you like it and let's hope for a sunny weekend!

April 10, 2013


  Sweater, pants, sunnies H&M, Shearling Vest 2Two, Leather Jacket H&M Trend, Shoes Converse

When I ran into this jumper at H&M the other day, I couldn't believe my eyes. They've actually copied the Kenzo sweater! I was never really on the lookout for a knock-off, but when it was right there in front of me (and on sale, too!) I just had to try it on. I've always liked that minty colour on me. So yeah, sold to the lady over here!

April 8, 2013

New In / Same Same

I rarely ever get the same piece in two different colours, but with this skirt/skort I couldn't resist. I love the cut so much - so why not have the black version as well?!

April 6, 2013


  Skirt, Coat Zara, Sweater DIY, Pistol Boots Akira

As you might have noticed, I really like wearing grey. It's such an easy "colour" (is it considered a colour?) to combine, so I have many basics in grey. I'm quite the clumsy gal, so I tend not to buy many white items (give me some tomato sauce and I'll spill it!), this skirt being one of the rare exceptions. And black, well black is always great, but I think sometimes it looks too harsh on me, since my skin is pretty fair. So grey is always a safe option! Do you guys have a "safe" colour, too?

April 5, 2013

Cinja's Looks / March 2013

Here's a collage of all my looks from March. I really like numbers 1, 8 and 10! Do you have a favourite?

April 3, 2013


   Leather Jacket H&M Trend, Pants Forever 21, Jumper H&M, Boots Zalando Collection

It's still not really warm out there, but at least we're getting some sunshine! So I went for a walk with my sister and we took some photos of each other. I wore my golden hoops out and I really liked it. Paired them with golden patterns on my pants, studded boots and some red lipstick. Do you like the combo?

April 2, 2013

Cinja's Insta / March

Here's what I've been up to in March, captured through the lens of my iPhone. I've been fairly busy studying, so these photos might not be that exciting. I also did some shopping, ate nice food... You see ;) And of course I celebrated Easter with my family which was really nice. Hope you guys all had a great Easter break, too!
I'm happy it's April now, however, since I have quite some exciting things planned this month. Uni starts again, as does work and I'm starting a new job! So now I'm juggling seven classes and three jobs. But I like it! Also, I'm going on a little trip at the end of the month and I can't wait!
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