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October 23, 2014

5x From Where I Stand

Here we go with a #fromwhereistand update, fall edition. Fall is for fashion, right? You can see more daily outfits over on my Instagram account @cinjasblog

October 21, 2014

Sponsored Video: TNT Glitz

Sagt jemandem von euch der TNT Drama Button etwas? Der TV-Sender TNT hat 2012 im Rahmen einer Kampagne eine super witzige Guerilla-Aktion gestartet (siehe hier). Dabei ging es um den Action beladenen Sender-Launch in Belgien. Das ist nun eine Weile her. Jetzt launcht TNT in Deutschland einen Pay-TV-Sender, der sich speziell an Frauen richtet: TNT Glitz.
Auf TNT Glitz gibt es Serien und Formate, die unsere Herzen begehren. Darunter finden sich sowohl Klassiker als auch Neuheiten aus Drama und Comedy (z.B. Girls, Pretty Little Lias oder das InStyle-TV Magazin). Auch Dokumentationen und Eigenproduktionen sind dabei. Das beste: Es gibt keine nervigen Werbeunterbrechungen. Was mir als am-liebsten-alles-im-Original-Guckerin aber am allerbesten gefällt: Alle Inhalte können nicht nur auf deutsch, sondern auch in englischer Sprache geguckt werden. Perfekt!

Die Message von TNT Glitz: Wir sind pink. Und haben eine Menge Power. Eine Mischung als "Mädelskram" und Action also. Im Clip zeigt uns die liebe Daaruum, wozu sie den Pink Panzer braucht. Er ist perfekt als zuverlässige Begleitung bei einer Shoppingtour, als Club-Taxi für den ganz großen Auftritt von dir und deinen Mädels oder als Mega-Hingucker für den unvergesslichsten Heiratsantrag aller Zeiten.
Wer eine eigene Aktion mit dem Pink Panzer gewinnen will, kann seinen persönlichen DARUM!-Moment in Foto-Form hier hochladen und sein Glück versuchen. Entschieden wird durch ein Community-Voting!

Mehr Infos zu TNT gibt's hier.

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September 25, 2014

Sponsored Video: Herbal Essences – #getnaked

#getnaked – nein, hier soll sich niemand ausziehen. Zumindest nicht physisch. Mit der "Lady Godiva"-Kampagne springt Herbal Essences auf den "Ehrlich, natürlich und authentisch"-Zug auf. Mädels meinen ja oft, sich (völlig unnötig) verstellen zu müssen. Ob es nun um's Styling, Meinungen oder Eigenheiten geht – da wird (leider) gerne mal kräftig überschminkt und überspielt. Aber wieso?! Wie die Kampagne zeigt: Sei du selbst. So kommst du am besten an. Zeig dein wahres Ich. Eine schöne Botschaft, finde ich.

"Naked" sind in diesem Sinne auch die Produkte aus der "Lady Godiva"-Reihe. Sie sind nämlich komplett paraben-, silikon- und farbstofffrei. Also kein unnötiges (und ungesundes) Tamtam, sondern einfach Shampoo, das sauber macht und pflegt.

Übrigens: Unter dem Hashtag #getnaked fordert Herbal Essences dazu auf, Selfies mit natürlich schöner Haarpracht zu zeigen. Na, dann mal los!

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September 24, 2014

That's That

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted on here for... well, for quite a long time (a little eternity in online time, I guess). tbh, right now I'm more focused on other things. Tumblr has been on heavy rotation over here, so if you still want my visual two cents, check here.

August 3, 2014

Sponsored Video: SEAT Mii by Mango

Mode beschränkt sich schon längst nicht mehr nur auf Kleidung, Schuhe und Accessoires. Mittlerweile gibt es fast alles, was man für Geld haben kann, auch in der "fashion" Edition. Dieser Trend macht auch vor der Automobilbranche keinen Halt – nun gibt es mit dem neuen Seat Mii einen Kleinwagen designt von Mango. Ein cleverer Schachzug! Die beiden spanischen Marken haben sich zusammengetan und ein Auto ganz speziell für modebewusste Frauen kreiert. So sieht das Auto nicht nur stylish aus, sondern hat z.B. auch einen Haken zum Aufhängen der Handtasche.

Für die Promotion des Wagens wurde dann schließlich styleranking ins Boot geholt – ein modisches Fotoshooting musste her. Das Making Of des Shoots ist nun im Video zu sehen. Nebenbei läuft übrigens noch deutschlandweit der Wettbewerb "Land of Fashion", bei dem es darum geht, die Styleregion Deutschlands zu finden. Zu gewinnen gibt's – wie soll es auch anders sein – den Seat Mii by Mango. Hier geht's zur Aktion.

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May 14, 2014


Quickly checking in from my family vacay. Thank god for wifi! I took this photo on a walk earlier. Had to go for the cheesy make-a-wish type of photo when I saw the hills were covered in dandelions. I think I'm gonna be doing quite a bit of photographing down here, the countryside's so picturesque. Spoken like a true city girl. I'm off to bed now, it's been a long drive and I got up super early this morning. Nighty night!

May 13, 2014

Espadrilles Take Two

Espadrilles Stradivarius

Last Summer, we saw the Chanel espadrilles pop up everywhere. And I walked about in my own lookalikes (see them here and here). I didn't do that much shopping in Poland, but I took these faux leather/mesh espadrilles home with me. They caught my eye immediately as they're a bit of a different style of a Spring/Summer flat. What do you think?

May 7, 2014

Insta Lately

Here's a little overview of what's been going on over on my Instagram lately. I'm actually off to Cracow tomorrow morning! I'll be back Saturday night, leaving again next Wednesday on a family vacay. So keep an eye out on my Insta for travel updates ;)

May 5, 2014

It's done!

I'm done! Finally turned in my bachelor thesis today. So now I only have to wait for the results (…), work, travel, oh and apply for some jobs (as in, real grown-up jobs). Hello life!

April 23, 2014

What am I doing?

So there's been some sort of radio silence going on over here. I'm just quite busy hanging out with these guys pictured above, writing my bachelor thesis. But I'm almost done with it now. Yay! I've got a bit of traveling planned for when I'm done, so that's definitely something to look forward to.

April 19, 2014

Saturday Wisdom

So simple, yet so true. In that spirit, I'm getting down to business on this sunny Saturday. Namely, I'll kick myself in the butt and write my thesis. Not long now till it's done! And I know I'm gonna want to change many bits and bobs about it once the first version is done. So I better get on it. Plus, it's my bestie's (hey, there!) bday today and we're having a blast tonight. Girls night it is! Hope you guys are all having a great Easter weekend!

April 14, 2014

4x From Where I Stand

Good morning! Are you guys all having the Monday blues? I'm a bit tired today, especially since it keeps pouring down and then the sun shines like crazy, just before the sky gets all dark grey again. Weird! Mondays will be Mondays. I have to make this one a reaaaally productive week, though. I'm halfway done with my thesis and I wanna be fully done by the end of the week.

April 9, 2014

The Wanted

Mugs Keith Brymer Jones / Sneakers Nike / Slippers H&M / Lip pencil Nars 'Red Square'

I'm alive! And I want these puppies! Really into flats lately, I guess I'm not putting heels on my feet again anytime soon. I'm trying to keep my shopping craze at bay, though. However, those cute mugs are already on their way home to me! Hope you guys are having a great time. Must dash now and work on my thesis (4 weeks to go!).

March 28, 2014

Sponsored Video: Comma

Im neuesten Clip der Modemarke Comma gibt's Styles aus der Frühjahr/Sommer-Kollektion zu sehen. Inspiriert von der bunten Vielfalt des Dschungels machen die tragbaren Teile Lust auf den Sommer. Ganz vorn dabei bei Comma sind in dieser Saison sämtliche Farbtöne aus der Khaki/Grün-Palette, dazwischen mischen sich satte Blau- und Türkistöne. Die Schnitte sind leicht und leger, weiße Spitze und florale Muster runden die Kollektion ab - genau das Richtige für einen warmen Sommertag!

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March 18, 2014

Cinja's Insta

Here we go with another round-up of my most recent Insta posts! You're looking at a bunch of Spring moments (please come back!), my fresh new haircut and, you know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that... Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @cinjasblog

March 16, 2014

Inspiration on a Sunday

   Photos via Tumblr

Aren't Sundays perfect for browsing through the likes of Tumblr and Pinterest, getting inspired, a cup of tea in hand? Especially with this rainy and grey weather... My love for interior inspiration has recently been rekindled. I've also come across some amazing blogs touching the issue. Frankly, I can't wait to style and equip my own space when I get it (nothing's planned, but it's gotta happen sooner or later). Actually, I'm currently running some sort of experiment where I've 'moved out' for a few days and am staying on my own. It's quite interesting! At first, I was about to fall back into old patterns (i.e. me being a huge cry-baby about all things new and unknown), but now, two days in, it feels kinda nice. I guess I really could get used to this!

March 14, 2014

Spring Shoes

   Shoes from H&M

In anticipation of Spring and Summer, I got myself those sandals recently. Cute, huh? Otherwise, I'm kind of on a shopping ban at the moment since a) I'd like to travel a bit after I'm done with my thesis (not exactly a trip around the world, but you know...) and b) to be honest, my closet is more than full. I just cleaned it out, or well, I tried to anyways. There's so so so much clutter in there! I wish I could just narrow it down to a bunch of favourites and then stick to those, but somehow I find myself unable to do that. Any closet detox tips?

March 9, 2014

From Where I Stand

The weather is so gorgeous today! 18 degrees and sunshine - is that you, Spring? I just got back from spending a few hours in the sun, now it's work-time before I crash tonight. I'm so not up to my game today and my prediction is that I'll be sleeping like a baby by midnight.
Here's a little overview of my latest #fromwhereistand Insta posts. Have really been digging those lately. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @cinjasblog and enjoy the few hours we have left of this nice weekend!

March 6, 2014

A Year Ago

In honour of Throwback Thursday, here are some of my favourite looks I was wearing one year ago. Funny how fast time goes by! How do you like these?
Anyways, I'm off to work in a bit. My schedule isn't getting any emptier these days.

February 28, 2014

I Do, I Do, I Do

   Blazer C&A / Jeans Topshop / Top Mango / Boots Asos / Bag Pull&Bear / iPhone case c/o Iconemesis

I've been a bad blogger being bad lately. Again. Sorry 'bout that! I'm just fairly busy at the moment, but I'm starting to like that. I tend to spend (read: waste) way too much time at home (nobody watches as many tv series as I do!). But in, say, 10 years, is that what I'm going to want to remember? Don't think so. So, to say it in the words of Ms Britney Spears: You better work, b****

February 27, 2014

Sponsored Video: Comma

Der Frühling ist da! Zumindest sind die Temperaturen spürbar nach oben geklettert und ab Samstag dürfen dann auch die Meteorologen ganz offiziell von Frühjahr sprechen. Fashion-technisch sind wir (bzw. die Läden und Online-Shops) ja eh schon bereit für die nächste Jahreszeit. Immer her mit farbenfrohen Prints und luftigen Schnitten (und dem passenden Wetter – ein paar Grad mehr dürfen's gerne noch sein)!

Auch bei Comma gibt’s für den Frühling eine viel versprechende neue Kollektion. In der Video-Preview dazu sehen wir Kleider, Röcke, frisches Weiss – und meinen persönlichen Dauerbrenner (Knall-)blau. Inspiriert von Asien ist die Kollektion gespickt mit spannenden Prints, klaren Linien und asiatisch angehauchten Details.

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February 19, 2014

Beauty Favourites / #3

I feel like I've never talked body care in the 'Beauty Favourites' section. Well, truth be told, I don't like to make a fuzz about all that. I usually forget about scrubbing and I'm way too impatient to wait for creams to dry. I do, however, have a bunch of basics that I really like, so here goes...
My legs get ridiculously dry after shaving and sometimes just randomly at night. Let me tell you that I woke up with deep red scratch marks more than once and I have tried everything. Lotions, butters, even oils - you name it. Nothing seemed moisturizing enough. But this Nivea body lotion is amazing! Might be the shea butter in it. I also just recently added the Yogi Flow shower gel by Rituals to my shower regimen. Yep, it is a little pricy, but I love its texture and (subtle!) smell and it seems to be getting empty raaather slowly. Oh and, yes, love the pink packaging!

February 16, 2014

Cinja's Insta

Ah, Sunday funday! I'm currently sitting here with a cuppa watching a TV show I newly discovered - 'Masters of Sex'. Not bad! I think I'll keep watching for the rest of the day since I only got very little sleep last night. I've been getting back into going out more, but boy, does the clock turn to 5AM quickly! So I'm sitting here in the most unfashionable attire (leggings, sweater, glasses) while the rain pours outside. Might do some girly things like paint my nails and curl my hair as well - you know those days when you're not really capable of anything senseful?

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @cinjasblog!

February 14, 2014

Inspiration on a Friday

   Photos via Tumblr

...or 'Inspiration on V-Day'. Not that I seriously celebrate that day (I mean, c'mon, if we wanna buy flowers and chocolates we can do so on any darn day we please) - okay, I don't celebrate it at all. But I've come across so many cutey romantic quotes and photos lately to fill my inspiration folder with, so here we go!

February 12, 2014

Books Are Proof Humans Can Do Magic

   Knit Zara

I just finished reading 'How to Fall in Love' by Cecelia Ahern and it's an amazing book! Yes, her stories are always a little (ok, quite) rose tinted, but they're also very dreamy and just lovely. I felt strangely well understood in this book, it was almost scary at times. And, then, yes, also enchanted by the romantic part of the story. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? I'd definitely recommend the book!