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February 28, 2014

I Do, I Do, I Do

   Blazer C&A / Jeans Topshop / Top Mango / Boots Asos / Bag Pull&Bear / iPhone case c/o Iconemesis

I've been a bad blogger being bad lately. Again. Sorry 'bout that! I'm just fairly busy at the moment, but I'm starting to like that. I tend to spend (read: waste) way too much time at home (nobody watches as many tv series as I do!). But in, say, 10 years, is that what I'm going to want to remember? Don't think so. So, to say it in the words of Ms Britney Spears: You better work, b****

February 27, 2014

Sponsored Video: Comma

Der Frühling ist da! Zumindest sind die Temperaturen spürbar nach oben geklettert und ab Samstag dürfen dann auch die Meteorologen ganz offiziell von Frühjahr sprechen. Fashion-technisch sind wir (bzw. die Läden und Online-Shops) ja eh schon bereit für die nächste Jahreszeit. Immer her mit farbenfrohen Prints und luftigen Schnitten (und dem passenden Wetter – ein paar Grad mehr dürfen's gerne noch sein)!

Auch bei Comma gibt’s für den Frühling eine viel versprechende neue Kollektion. In der Video-Preview dazu sehen wir Kleider, Röcke, frisches Weiss – und meinen persönlichen Dauerbrenner (Knall-)blau. Inspiriert von Asien ist die Kollektion gespickt mit spannenden Prints, klaren Linien und asiatisch angehauchten Details.

Dieser Post wurde gesponsert von Comma.

February 19, 2014

Beauty Favourites / #3

I feel like I've never talked body care in the 'Beauty Favourites' section. Well, truth be told, I don't like to make a fuzz about all that. I usually forget about scrubbing and I'm way too impatient to wait for creams to dry. I do, however, have a bunch of basics that I really like, so here goes...
My legs get ridiculously dry after shaving and sometimes just randomly at night. Let me tell you that I woke up with deep red scratch marks more than once and I have tried everything. Lotions, butters, even oils - you name it. Nothing seemed moisturizing enough. But this Nivea body lotion is amazing! Might be the shea butter in it. I also just recently added the Yogi Flow shower gel by Rituals to my shower regimen. Yep, it is a little pricy, but I love its texture and (subtle!) smell and it seems to be getting empty raaather slowly. Oh and, yes, love the pink packaging!

February 16, 2014

Cinja's Insta

Ah, Sunday funday! I'm currently sitting here with a cuppa watching a TV show I newly discovered - 'Masters of Sex'. Not bad! I think I'll keep watching for the rest of the day since I only got very little sleep last night. I've been getting back into going out more, but boy, does the clock turn to 5AM quickly! So I'm sitting here in the most unfashionable attire (leggings, sweater, glasses) while the rain pours outside. Might do some girly things like paint my nails and curl my hair as well - you know those days when you're not really capable of anything senseful?

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February 14, 2014

Inspiration on a Friday

   Photos via Tumblr

...or 'Inspiration on V-Day'. Not that I seriously celebrate that day (I mean, c'mon, if we wanna buy flowers and chocolates we can do so on any darn day we please) - okay, I don't celebrate it at all. But I've come across so many cutey romantic quotes and photos lately to fill my inspiration folder with, so here we go!

February 12, 2014

Books Are Proof Humans Can Do Magic

   Knit Zara

I just finished reading 'How to Fall in Love' by Cecelia Ahern and it's an amazing book! Yes, her stories are always a little (ok, quite) rose tinted, but they're also very dreamy and just lovely. I felt strangely well understood in this book, it was almost scary at times. And, then, yes, also enchanted by the romantic part of the story. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? I'd definitely recommend the book!

February 10, 2014

You Smiled Because You Knew

   Jumper, Coat, Bag Zara / Pants New Yorker / Boots Asos

Happy Monday! Ah, isn't Monday such a classic first world problem? I feel like we make it a bad day as we wake up and say 'oh, I hate Mondays' when really, it's just the start of the week. But we jinx it, don't we? Gosh, I'm getting rambly now, but maybe you guys read this on this Monday morning and we can turn the day around ;) I try to make my Mondays productive to start the week off on the right foot. Okay, I don't always succeed with that, but sometimes, especially after the weekend, I see how much time I spent watching TV, just hanging out, aimlessly surfing the web... Wasting my time, really. Not that doing nothing every once in a while isn't a good thing, but I feel like I could definitely up the ante on my personal level of productivity. At the end of the day, time is what we get, so we should probably spend it wisely. Told you I'd be rambling. So, yeah, Happy Monday!

February 9, 2014

Blue Blue Blue

    Shoes from Asos

I still have a weak spot for all things electric blue. So clicking these booties home seemed kind of natural. Love them!

February 8, 2014


I came across this video a few days ago and really wanted it to share with you guys! I think it's really inspiring (as are all the other videos on that channel, make sure you check them out!) - and, well, it's not all about fashion, right? I enjoyed watching this video as it kind of kicked off an uplifting internal dialogue in a situation that had made me feel rather self conscious and insecure.

The other day as I was walking come I passed a memorial on the side of the road and immediately opened google to find out what had happened. Turns out, a young girl died on her way to school recently. I remember being on the bus to work that day, on that street, and thinking 'gosh, please get those police cars out of the way, I don't want to be late'. Now that I know what actually happened, I feel awful about my thoughts. We tend to get so upset over little things and not cherish life as much as we should.

Long story short, this video has helped a bit with taking a step back and reflecting on my attitude. Not that it changed my mindset completely over night, but it reminded me once again that a, sometimes it's a good idea to take a moment to yourself and reflect on what you've just done, said or thought and b, that being honest and speaking your mind is always the best thing to do and c, taking risks is a strength, not a weakness.

February 7, 2014

Cinja's Insta

A little Insta overview! Decided to go back to the classic tiles for now... So, yeah, not very eventful times, but rather me sorting out a routine now that I'm pretty much out of uni. I don't have to ever attend any classes anymore, yay! So now I'm balancing my time between working on my bachelor thesis from home and going to work 2-3 days a week. It definitely feels weird that almost everyone is still in exam mode. My social calendar could use some filling! But I guess the thesis drama hasn't really caught up with me yet as I hear it's quite the handful (?). We'll see!
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February 5, 2014

If It Makes You Feel Alive

   Knit H&M Trend / Jeans Levi's / Bag Zara / Shoes Nike

I guess this is the type of outfit I go for when I just want to be comfortable. Well, minus the knit maybe - I'd definitely go for a grey sweater for 100% comfort! Thought I'd show you a relaxed everyday look featuring my favourite pair of blue jeans ever and my beloved Free Run's.
Hope you guys like it and have a great day!

February 4, 2014

Beauty Favourites / #2

Time for a little beauty talk again! I got both of these items for Christmas, so I've been able to test them quite a bit since then. So when I call them my favourites, I really mean it! But I guess that's no surprise in the blogging world - have you ever heard anyone say they did not like the Tangle Teezer or the Naked palette? Right.

To be honest, ever since I started using the Tangle Teezer, I've almost completely stopped using my actual brush (anyone else feel like the Tangle Teezer can't really be called a proper brush?). I really like that it fits in my handbag and I can bring it with me wherever I go. Especially now that it's hat-and-scarf season and I always end up with tangled hair.
Need I even get into the Naked palette? I love all the colours! I wasn't that much into eye shadow before, especially for day looks, but now I have this baby on my makeup menu pretty much every day. The colours are also amazing for more dramatic evening looks. The pigmentation is just perfect! But I guess that's not a secret...

February 2, 2014

15 Random Facts About Me

Lately, I've seen the 'random facts' type of posts pop up on a couple of my favourite blogs and actually found the read quite entertaining. So here goes, 15 random facts about me. Might or might not be interesting ;)

1. I never broke a bone in my body.
2. I hate seafood, except for fish fingers and, well, lobster soup.
3. I barely ever go without nail polish. In fact, very few people have seen me without my nails painted.
4. I will never ever go on a roller coaster. Ever. In my opinion, those things come straight from hell. Just looking at them resembles some sort of torture for me.
5. Back in school, gym class was my least favourite subject. In fact, I hated it. Needless to say, I wasn't good at it. Truth is, I would rather have taken three maths tests than have to spend one more hour in gym class. And I hated maths, too.
6. I love tea, black tea mostly. I never add milk or sugar to it.
7. I've been practicing horseback riding since I was eight years old.
8. I still live with my parents. I have a feeling that this is the year I'll fly the coop, though.
9. Me and my siblings all have different hair colours. I'm a natural blonde, while my sister is a brunette and my brother is a redhead.
10. I speak English with an American accent. It was like that before I'd ever set foot in the states. I think I picked up the accent from watching (too many) American tv shows.
11. I'm scared of heights.
12. I've been dying my hair ever since I was 14. It's been ginger, mahogany, brown and blonde/ombre.
13. I hated uni at first. It wasn't what I had hoped for at all which left me very frustrated. But I had my eyes on the prize and thus stuck to my studies.
14. It took me four attempts to pass my driving test. Loser much, I know.
15. Despite being German, my thoughts are mostly in English. I realize this sounds quite pretentious, but that's how it is.